Curious Contradiction on the “Cards”

Fear of the unknown is basic human nature. And if there is one thing that all of us are uncertain of, it is the future. Or should it be most of us? Because astrologers are able to predict the future with a reasonable degree of accuracy, if not completely. That explains the immense demand placed on astrology services as of today. 

While technology has made life easier and convenient for the human race, it has also ushered in a certain degree of uncertainty on account of disruptive innovation. The advent of the internet, mobile technology, and smartphones revolutionized the process of knowledge transfer and kick-started a tremendous upsurge in the speed at which innovation materializes itself. 

The era when it used to take years, sometimes even decades, for an out of the box idea to gain traction is a thing of the past – to be confined to the pages of history. And rightly so. But then, every coin has two sides at the very least. If technology has escalated uncertainty, it has also simplified and accelerated the process through which you can gain valuable insights about your future. 

Welcome to the world of Janam kundli software!

Kundli Software: The Fundamentals

In the broadest of terms, your Kundli is the cosmic map of the solar system at the time you were born. Sounds a bit abstract? Well, Kundli is your birth chart or birth horoscope that maps the position of the sun, the moon, and planets at the date and time of your birth. That apart, it considers the location where you were born.

Now, the objective of this entire exercise is to understand your true self and estimate the journey of your life. Kundli helps determine, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, the following aspects of your personality and life:

  • Temperament
  • Physical features
  • Plus and minus points
  • Which phases in your life will be good and which will be bad
  • What kind of friends you will make
  • What type of relations you will cultivate
  • How will your spouse and in laws be
  • Are there any flaws in your horoscope that are creating hurdles in your personal and professional life and, if yes, what are the remedies for the same as prescribed by astrological practices
  • What professions will be most appropriate for you
  • Will you settle in a foreign country or continue to reside in the country of your birth

In a nutshell, the janam kundli software charts out your Kundli and discloses to you all that you need to know about yourself – your personality and its inherent connection with the journey of your life. Through all this, it provides valuable insights on what your possible destiny is. Or what it is likely to be. 

By making the future a tad less uncertain, the software makes it more manageable. 

Kundli Software: What No One is Talking About

When presenting the little known facts of Kundli software, we are going to try and present both sides. The objective here is to shed valuable light on all the facets of this issue and, thereby, make a balanced case. 

  1. Kundli software is a great way to reduce the required level of time and effort

By automating the process of performing complex calculations, Kundli software saves hours and hours of time that you would otherwise require if you decided to manually generate the Kundli. Remember the mathematics class in your high school or college days when you solved complicated numerical without a calculator? Or tied to solve? 

If you secretly used a calculator when the tutor was not watching, you must have felt great relief. Well, Kundli software is not very different. In fact, it’s better than a calculator. Think of it as a super calculator where all you have to do is enter details and request the output in specific formats. 

  1. Kundli software can provide horoscope related analysis 

Conducting complex calculations is one thing. Analyzing the same is quite another. Well, the software can do both. Although the interpretations of the horoscope related calculations may seem somewhat bereft of the human touch, they are as multifaceted it can get.

Consider this. Such analysis is arrived at after looking at the horoscope calculations from different angles. The software can do this better than a trained astrologer simply because it is better equipped than a human brain to consider all the possible permutations and combinations in the shortest possible. Even diehard proponents of master astrologers who insist on manual working will agree to this – grudgingly of course.  

  1. Kundli software is only as accurate as the person(s) operating it

In our general perception, technology is infallible. Well, that has never been the case. Technology, any technology, is only as good as the people who handle it. The term to remember here is GIGO – garbage in, garbage out. It means that if you enter bad input, you will invariably get bad output. 

The point is, if you fill in incorrect details in the software, you are bound to get erroneous results. Try not to insist on technology alone, also insist on being precise. 

  1. Kundli software gives best results when combined with human intelligence

Experts say, there is one fundamental human trait that even artificial intelligence cannot replace – emotional intelligence. And this is precisely the human feature that this software cannot replace. 

Continuing from point 2 above where we discussed how the software is better at presenting diverse permutations and combinations of the results of the calculations of your horoscope. It might so happen that the evaluations create confusion because they are somewhat contradictory. 

This is not very surprising. When the perspective changes, so does the interpretation. And this is precisely where the human element makes it necessity felt. A master astrologer is able to grasp the apparently contradictory analyses and harmonize them into a more tangible interpretation, something that eliminates the contradiction. Or minimizes it at the very least. 


Contrary to popular perceptions, man and machine are not two diametrically opposite entities. By machine, we mean anything that saves human time and effort. Seen in this light, Janam kundli software is also a machine. 

Humans created machines with their intellect. The trick, therefore, when utilizing machines, is to be aware of the intellectual capacities and limitations – of yourself and of the machine. 

There is an old adage that says, fire is a good servant but a bad master. Machine/technology is no different. After all, technology is a human creation and will work best when working in unison with humans.