Product packaging is an important part of a product. It should not be taken lightly. With the help of this, customers get to know what the product is, the brand, etc. The item is also kept safe and secure with this. Product labeling helps a brand communicate the value of some products to customers. It has important information printed upon the product packaging. Custom product boxes, for instance, may have labels to market the product and attract customers. Read on to find out why labels on the packaging are a necessary part of it.

What is Product Labeling?

This is a part of one’s packaging of the product. Wholesale product packaging includes this. Labeling tends to be the written information that is on the product packaging boxes. The written labels cover the necessary information that needs to be properly communicated to customers.

This is different than packaging. When looking at custom product packaging, this may include the brand colors, logo, material, plus shape of the package. Product labeling may be less, like one or two lines present on the back area of the product. It may even be the whole back end full of written information. This can include manufacturing location, customer service, the ingredients, how to apply, safety instructions, etc.

Labeling requirements come from a country’s regulatory body. Many regulatory bodies are present for all products. Any new product needs to follow the packaging along with labeling guidelines. Packaging box manufacturers know this, and so follow it.

Why are Labels Important?

Markets the Brand

Custom boxes made for products aim to draw the attention of customers in a store. A label on an item is said to be the primary product identity. It is important to know that the name of the item, as well as the brand itself,  is said to be a part of product labeling. The product labels are able to form a brand identity.

Grade Plus Type of Product

Image result for Sunsilk shampoo

When looking at Sunsilk shampoo, everyone has different types. The brand changes the design as well as the packaging style of this, and they also alter the labels that are on the shampoo. For instance, you will see some that say the particular shampoos is an anti-dandruff one whilst some may be smooth silk, etc.

Therefore product labeling may be employed to differentiate among the different grades along with kind of product. The product box for these products also shows this. Box packaging ideas should follow this allowing customers to know about the product. Wholesale shipping boxes that are made to transport the product should advertise it as well by telling about it.

Needed by Law

There are different labeling requirements that may be created by a regulatory body. This may include ingredients, the manufacturing plant, precise batch number, expiry and manufacturing date, MRP, any safety instructions, etc. A company will need to consider these when thinking about how to design their cardboard packaging boxes wholesale.

Promote a Product

Product labeling can be used to promote the product. For instance, you may see the “Buy 3, get 1 free” words on a product. This attracts customers. Custom packaging companies know how this can draw the attention of customers in a busy store. They will be attracted to buy the product because they can get a free one with it.

The above are only some of the benefits of a product label. You can tell that it is an important part of a package. Any packaging box that you use is it auto lock boxes should follow guidelines and can market their products positively with the help of a product label.