Understandably, because of the destruction it often causes, those convicted of drink driving face severe penalties.  Sometimes, however, the punishment might not be deserved.  In the latter case, Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers may be able to prevent an unwarranted punishment.  As it applies to other criminal offences in Sydney, there might have been legitimate reasons which could serve as viable defences to such a charge.  As such, it is vitally important to retain an experienced attorney to represent you through the process.

Someone who either pleads guilty or is convicted of drink driving may suffer penalties from demerit points against your licence to fines to loss of licence to imprisonment to impoundment to compensation if the offender caused damage to another person or their property.

Individually, none of these may seem too much of a challenge.  But when you realise that a person that loses her license CANNOT drive at all, the reality of no carpooling children to school, no driving to work, no freedom, and more that comes with operating a motor vehicle, the punishment seems like one to fight.

Do not let this happen to you.  Retain qualified Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers to make sure you do not lose your finances, liberty and freedom.

As far as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Australia’s penalties remain very serious if you are caught.  Indeed, if you are caught with a blood alcohol level above 0.05 per cent or higher, you are likely to be prosecuted.  Those who hold probationary or provisional driver’s licences are required to have a blood alcohol level of ZERO.  If a driver is caught with drugs in her system that affects her ability to drive, this illegal act will also be severely punished.

Similarly, Sydney aims to discourage drivers from operating their cars recklessly.  Indeed, penalties for something as basic as speeding may be as follows:

  • Even travelling less than 10 km/h over the speed limit, you face a fine up to $2,200.
  • Travelling between 10-20 km/h over the speed limit, you face a fine up to $2,200.
  • Driving between 20-30 km/h over the speed limit, you face a fine up to $2,200.
  • Between 30-45 km/h over the speed limit, a driver is subject to a fine up to $2,200 and a 3-month licence suspension.
  • One who is caught travelling more than 45 km/h over the speed limit, may be penalized by a fine up to $2,530 and a 6-month licence suspension.
  • One who causes damage to another person or her property will be required to compensate the victim for such damages.

So what can Sydney drink driving lawyers do to reduce or even eliminate penalties?

Some defences may be couched in the following ways.  If you exceeded the speed limit because you were bringing a severely injured person to the hospital for emergency medical treatment, this may be excused as a viable defence.  A breathalyzer may often be miscalibrated, causing an alcohol readout to register above the legal limit, something else that could prove a usable defence.  If there was an active shooter situation and you, although under the influence, were the only person available to drive, this could prove a viable defence.  If you were unaware of the effects a certain prescribed drug or medication would have on you, this could serve as a viable defence.  If the officer failed to file the appropriate paperwork or misidentifies you or fails to inform you of your rights, this could prove a viable defence.

Sometimes people make mistakes.  If you made a mistake, you should be entitled to a second chance.  This is what lawyers are available to help you do.  Those who fail to even try to reduce or eliminate punishments create situations where they may no longer be able to help their families, earn a living or more.

And when it comes to finding the right lawyer to hire, there are certain considerations you should keep in mind.  First, appearance is important.  If an attorney is not dressed neatly, it is likely that his work may be sloppy, too.  Second, communication is important.  When handling your case, the lawyer will have to communicate with prosecutors, judges, court staff, police and witnesses, and will have to develop a quality rapport with each.  As such, communication is key.  Third, experience is also of great importance.  No matter what university the attorney attended, the knowledge learned from defending similar cases time and time again is what is necessary to succeed.

Without quality representation from experienced lawyers, you are likely to be severely punished, no matter whether or not there is a viable excuse for your misdeeds.  Again, when faced driving offences, the risk of losing a licence, monies or freedom is too severe and warrants trying to protect same, whether for the benefit of yourself, your spouse, your children and others.  Due to the fact that everybody makes mistakes, it is advisable not to let yours ruin your life.