This is an important question that an increasing number of Swiss citizens have had to ask themselves. Many people do not realize the huge financial burden it is to be a claimant or defendant in a legal proceeding here in Switzerland. By the end of this piece, we aim to help you recognize the importance of legal protection insurance in Switzerland by helping you to understand that not having this basic insurance policy can put the financial security of your family at risk for something as common and unexpected as a car accident.

Legal insurance is a must-have for each Swiss family, it’s your constitutional right, and you should make the most of it. It is counter-intuitive and borderline reckless for you to do anything without having legal protection insurance. This is by no means a sales pitch; it’s a quick Guide to Legal Insurance in Switzerland and in many ways a call to action for you to do what’s best for your financial stability.

Why should I get any insurance coverage?

The thought of getting insured resonates with most Europeans. We were raised in a society that values protection and considers the idea of someone or some institution protecting us to be a good one. Nonetheless today there are increased numbers of policyholders who are less convinced by the principles behind insurance products. A lot of them rarely use it or have experienced not receiving compensation for a claim because they did not read the small-print.

Despite any reserves we might have about insurance, the truth is that any legal issue that goes to court in a large Swiss city, whether you are the claimant or defendant, will not cost less than CHF 20’000.-

To seek legal advice in Switzerland to avoid going to court will again take up 4 or 5 hours of an attorney’s time, resulting in an invoice of at least CHF 2000.- if the case is resolved fast, more if there is the slightest complication.

If these amounts do not put you on guard you are among the lucky few who can afford to expose themselves to this type of financial stress. But in the “normal” case it is worth investing CHF 300.- per year for the peace of mind legal protection insurance in Switzerland offers you.

For further details consult Guide to legal insurance in Switzerland or contact their insurance expert, Charles McHugo, directly on +41 78 601 40 90