The accessibility of digital goods has increased over the years. The kind of exposure that we have these days on the internet have made us literally consuming them with every passing minute such that no aspect of our life is kept untouched as there are numerous apps, tutorials, youtube videos, music files, movies, software, etc  for almost every kind of service and information under the sun. The thing that makes their consumption irresistible is the user-friendliness, the particular need of people to save as much time as possible with the help of technology and the good services provided by famous platforms like PayLoadz.

The Internet has particularly proved itself as a boom for creative people who want to reach out to the people and want to trade their creations most simplistically and effectively. People have never before opportunities to gain financial freedom by generating passive income. The online distribution of e-books, music, software, movies, educational tutorials, cooking recipes has drastically changed the way people look at the opportunities to earn money at their own pace with the comfort of a cozy corner in their bedrooms.

Here is a list of 6 digital goods that you can sell online and start earning a passive income.


If you know how to develop the apps or you have an idea in the mind that if converted into the successful production of an app can bring a change in the life of the masses then there is no limit for you. The world is yours. The consumption of the apps has changed the whole idea of using cell phones to the point that there are a dozen apps for one service being installed in our cellphones.


If you have expert knowledge in any domain. You could be a science teacher, a mathematics teacher, a programming expert, etc then you can make some good tutorials and start earning passively. Tutorials on the web are gaining popularity because everyone can’t afford the expensive classroom coaching moreover you can pause any time and start playing from anywhere in the mid until the concept is not cleared.

Digital Goods


If you have a creative bend of mind, If you are into writing or if you want to express your thoughts in the best possible ways then you can start writing e-books and selling them on any of the good platforms such as PayLoadz etc and start earning passive money.


The Importance of a good website can’t be stressed enough for businesses but the good content on it about the services and products of the company is equally important. There is a huge scope of freelance writing and content writers.


If you know a thing or two about music then you can develop cellphone ringtones, or showcase and trade your original music on the web.


Every business needs a well-designed website that can show all the products and services being offered by the company. If you have skills of designing it then you can earn handsomely by finding your potential clients because not everyone has skills, time and patience to develop it.

Conclusion: With the ever increasing exposure on the world of web, there is an obvious need and irresistible charm of using the Downloadable Goods because they have touched every aspect of our life starting from reading news in the morning to listening devotional songs in the bedtime. It is a blessing particularly for people having creative bend of mind as they are earning passive income. The idea of earning passive income is gaining grounds in the masses as well  as some of them do have interests and skills like writing, playing music, developing apps and websites, making online tutorials, etc. The famous platforms like PayLoadz are playing their share of role in bridging the gap between sellers and consumers.