Clubs In CP

If you are looking for a lounge  or clubs in CP with a DJ, look no further. Below is a list of some of the best lounges that you will find in Connaught place that also have great music that you can enjoy with friends.

1). Tales and Spirits

Tales and Spirits is genuinely a place for making stories over some delicious spirits that you will tell for generations to come. This quirky lounge is the perfect mix of classic and quirky with its all wood interior and using beer barrels as bar seats. They serve multiple cuisines from Chinese to Malaysian and Continental. They also have private booths for those who prefer to keep their conversations intimate. They have a wide range of liqueurs here including some home brewed beer and delicious cocktails. Greats clubs in CP like Tales and Spirits are perfect to book party.

2). Amplifier the Club

Amplifier the Club is one of the many lounges for party in Connaught Place or clubs in CP, M-Block, that hosts one of the best DJs in town. The music here is pumping all night long and the decor definitely compliments the fun atmosphere with neon lights and clean wooden furniture arranged in sections facing the bar. The food is everything you would want on a night of drinking and dining with a variety of bar snacks and food that is indulgent. Their beer battered prawns are a must try. They have a variety of beers and classic alcohols as well as some cocktails with a fun twist.

3). Station Bar

This lounge / clubs in CP with a DJ has definitely taken the bar experience up a notch with its unique decor. You definitely feel like you are at a station out of a 60s movie back when the trains were something only the elite could afford. Their red couches and bright lights definitely take you back to a more fun era. They also have outdoor seating for couples who want to enjoy a quiet night under the stars. Station Bar serves cuisines from all around the world including North Indian, Continental, Mediterranean, and Oriental and Italian food.

4).  Teddy Boy

When you enter Teddy Boy you feel like you have travelled back in time and to another world. This place is the perfect replica of a British-era Gentlemen’s club and the decor resembles something like a club from the post-world war era in Britain. The dim lighting along with leather couches and pillow cushions with patterns of the British flag on them transports you in time and space. They serve both Indian and international cuisines here. They have a separate smoking zone and their menu has a wide selection of wines, cocktails and mock tails, and other spirits.If you ever wondered what it would be like to be alive during that time, you can now experience it by simply walking into this lounge at Connaught Place.

5). Master of Malts

This retro-bar come lounge is a classic food and drink hub with its comfortable couches arranged in booths. They serve a wide variety of spirits here and do some of the classic cocktails and alcohols impeccably well. They have a DJ but they also host some live musicians during the year and have a karaoke night as well. Their menu consists of North Indian, Asian, European, and Continental food. They also have an outdoor seating option and specialise in giving everyone a luxury experience so that everyone there feels like they are receiving special treatment in their own personal booths. They have blended comfort and fun together perfectly and you will definitely have a great night trying their different drinks and food.

6). FLYP Cafe

This CP party lounge is the college goer’s paradise. Their budget friendly menu and youthful ambience is definitely student friendly and the atmosphere of the place is fun and casual. They serve Chinese, North Indian and Continental food here and have a variety of  spirits and beverages for you to choose from. Their DJ plays all of the current hot tracks throughout the night and plays music that will make you want to get on your feet and hit the dance floor. This Cafe is a perfect introduction to the Delhi night life and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Heading here on your next night out is a guaranteed good time. FLYP comes under the best clubs in CP to book online.

7). The Darzi Bar and Kitchen

The Darzi Bar and Kitchen is one of the up and coming retro bars that are reinventing Indian food. They serve delicious North Indian food that is undeniably delicious and they have an array of cocktails that would amaze and excite you. They play some great Bollywood beats that you can groove and dance to. The vibe of this place is very fun and casual and it makes you want to just let loose and have a good time. They also let you customise your drinks the way you want it and that is a cool experience that anyone would enjoy.

8). Ambrosia Bliss

This party lounge / clubs in CP is one of the few lounges that is actually kid friendly. They serve some of the best drinks and have a smoking room but is still a family friendly place and is respectful towards parents who want to have a drink with their meal but also want to spend time with their kids. This Restaurant cum bar knows how to treat its guests like royalty and give them an experience which is decadent and indulgent. They serve some of the best food from around the world and have excellent hospitality thanks to their well trained staff.

9). The Luggage Room by Sandoz

The Luggage Room by Sandoz definitely has an old world charm and knows how to create an experience that feels exclusive and luxurious clubs in CP. They don’t allow entry for stags and they don’t let kids in their restaurant so you are definitely coming here for an adult time. The decor with its wooden and brick interiors resembles a VIP luggage room, as the name suggests, at one of the train stations when only the rich and famous travelled in trains. They serve North Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental Cuisines and have some great cocktails and a wide range of alcoholic beverages for you to choose from.

10). Open House Cafe

This lounge definitely has a quirky yet refined decor with their leather couches and arched lighting. They have the restaurant divided into sectionals so that you can enjoy a private time with your friends over some food and drinks. They serve Chinese and Pan Asian Cuisine and affordable prices and believe in making a luxury experience affordable for all. This is also comes under the list of perfect clubs in CP where you can book it via Sloshout.

The next time you’re in Connaught Place, you know what places you should be checking out!