Makrolon polycarbonate sheet is very much used these days in many types of applications. It can be seen in many places, whether it’s a mall, railway station, office, walkway or even airport as it offers high energy efficiency along with tremendous impact strength and superb cost-effectiveness. No other glazing solution can be as good as Makrolon due to its distinct all-around performance. Therefore, for any glazing application, it is the right choice for an owner.

Makrolon polycarbonate sheet can be as translucent as glass while being much stronger than it. It is also much stronger than any acrylic sheet as the safety margin offered by it can simply be unbeatable. There are many other benefits of selecting Makrolon polycarbonate sheet, some of which are detailed here for clear understanding:

  • Superb Impact Protection – Makrolon polycarbonate sheet confirms to strict state requirements for resistance to all types of hurricanes. It can also easily withstand natural conditions like hail, snowstorms, and massive wind. It is a tough and durable material that also offers ample protection in places that are susceptible to vandalism, burglary or even high traffic. The impact strength offered by the polycarbonate material can be one of the highest as a glazing material. Also, since there are many grades available in it, one can choose as per the requirement to suit any application.
  • Highly Energy Efficient – Makrolon polycarbonate sheet is a versatile insulating material as compared to a glass of equal thickness. Over-glazing and double glazing of the product can offer tremendous savings in energy and so the owners can always feel the worth of it. The energy efficiency of the product is a key aspect and can help in selecting Makrolon polycarbonate Sheets over any other polycarbonate sheet. Using a patterned grade sheet for over-glazing can provide visual security as well as help improve the appearance of a commercial or industrial site.
  • Awesome Design LatitudeMakrolon polycarbonate sheet does not need costly factory fabrication or performing. It is a very ductile and cost-effective solution that can create a distinctive structure with vast areas of curved glazing. It can easily be cold-formed into curves or can be cut from a flat sheet. This makes it easy to create a structure for any technician. The ease of use offered by this material is simply tremendous and that is why it is a preferred option for many types of applications.  With any other types of laminated glass or acrylic, the same may not be possible.
  • Highly Cost-Efficient – Makrolon polycarbonate sheet has high strength and is lightweight as compared to any other polycarbonate sheet. Hence it requires minimal structural support. Pre-installation techniques like oven bending are not needed while working with it as it can easily be cold-formed and cut on the site itself. It is also a very durable product and once it has been installed, it may not need a replacement for a considerably long time. Hence, when we look at all these factors, ample saving can be expected from it compared to any other glazing option, making it a wonderful solution.
  • Amazing Clarity – The product also offers ample clarity as 88 percent visible light and up to 90 percent solar energy can pass through it easily. This is also the reason why it is a chosen glazing option for many applications that need this sort of visual clarity.

By looking at all these factors, we can see that this thermoplastic sheet material can be a favored choice for many glazing purposes and is therefore used abundantly in many applications