“With the rise of a new government in Malaysia, coupled with growing improvements in ICT technology shows a growing positive trend for E-Learning Technologies as well as E-Learning Content creators over the coming years.”

Increased Number of Government Initiatives towards Education

The government of Malaysia has invested heavily into the Education sector as an amount of RM 60 Billion was allocated to Education sector. Initiatives such as 1BestariNet project, the Malaysia MOOC’s project and The FrogAsia project (a project where over 10,000 schools of Malaysia got connected through a central Internet to share E-Learning Content) present that the government is ready to digitize education so that it becomes accessible to all students.

Projects and tenders from the government in the E-Learning and Education sector indicate a positive trend for E-Learning companies in Malaysia and will generate positive competition from both Domestic and Global players.

Improvements in ICT

The government of Malaysia in its Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan 2016-2020, has charted out 5 strategic thrusts, 12 sub strategies and 30 programs to improve ICT technology across Malaysia. Improvements in ICT infrastructure will benefit the technology services provided by E-Learning providers, as access to LMS software and streaming speed of E-Learning content will improve, thus more users will find it convenient to study using E-Learning tools. Cloud based firm hosted LMS will benefit the most from improvements in the ICT infrastructure of Malaysia

Increasing number of Schools

The number of schools in Malaysia has seen a steady increase from 17,015 as of December 31st 2013 to 17,768 as of December 31st 2023, among this, the number of private schools saw a dramatic increase, from 6,294 as of December 31st 2013 to 7,576 as of December 31st 2018. This increase has positively influenced the Malaysian E-Learning market as K-12’s; along with HEI’s(Higher Education Institutes), represent a large source of demand for E-Learning content and tools in Malaysia. Private schools use E-Learning as marketing tool to attract enrollments and thus are ready to invest in E-Learning technology and Content.

Research Analyst at Ken Research in their latest publication “Malaysia E-Learning Market Outlook 2023 – By Technology (LMS, Smart Authoring Tools, Smart Classes) and Content (Multimedia, Online Test, Open Courseware, Simulation Content), By End Users (Universities/ Higher Education, K-12 Schools, Corporate, Home Users” believe that with improvements in the ICT Technology, improvements in the workforce behind content creation, and growing and continued investments into the education sector has made the Malaysia E-Learning market a potent, revenue generating investment for both Global private players the Domestic existing players.

Key Segments Covered:

By Technology

LMS (Cloud and Self Hosted)

Smart Class (Online Class Session and Online Live session)

Smart Authoring

By Content

Custom courses

Standard Courses (Multimedia, Online Test, Open Courseware, Simulation Content)

By End Users




Home/Vocational Users

Key Target Audience

Schools (K-12)

Corporate Businesses

Universities, LMS providers

Vocational Users

Content Creators

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013-2018

Future Forecast: 2019-2023

Case Studies Covered:

Appstronic SDN. BHD

Deskera SDN. BHD

White House Business Solution



FrogAsia SDN BHD


Smartclass2u SDN BHD

Internexia SDN. BHD.

Moodle PTY LTD.

Key Topics Covered in the Report


Malaysia E-Learning Market – Overview, Timeline and ICT Program

Value Chain Analysis

Market Size by Revenue, 2013-2018

Market Segmentation by Technology, Content, End Users, Method of Access, 2018

Trends and developments

Issues and challenges

Regulatory Framework

Decision Making Process for Selecting E-learning Providers

SWOT Analysis

Industry Stage, Competitive Structure and, Major Players Service Matrix Company Wise

Company Profiles of Major Players

Malaysia E-Learning Market Future Outlook and Projections, CY’2018-CY’2023

Future Segmentation 2018-2023E

Analyst Recommendations

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:

Malaysia E-Learning Market Outlook 2023

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