Did the idea of throwing your kids device in the ocean ever cross your mind? If yes, don’t feel guilty! We understand. Many parents across the globe secretly desire the same. How about using a screen time control app ? Let’s find out.

Why should you apply screen time for kids?

Everything and anything is possible on a smartphone. Right from navigating to the camping ground to ordering food from your favourite pizzeria, all this is squeezed in a single gadget. Believe it or not, we all are handicap without a cell phone. Isn’t it?

Seeing the scenario, we discussed above; the digital wave does not spare even kids. They are equally glued to the screen, and use is majorly for their entertainment. Of course, the situation of kids on the screen for hours together is an alarming situation for parents. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (reference:https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/138/5/e20162591), screen time should be discouraged in kids younger than 18 months. And for children older than 2 years, media should be restricted to 1 hour or less, and preferably in the company of parents for enhanced learning and setting time limits.

To cultivate good quality in kids and encourage a routine life of them, it is imperative to set specific screen time for kids at home. Only when family members start adding value to kids’ screen time restriction, only then we will be able to see real change in kids’ habits.

Rules to follow at home to manage kids’ screen time 

Here are the 5 best ways to curtail the habit of excessive screen time at home:

  1.  Incentivize screen time 

Haven’t you made promises to kids on finishing their homework or cleaning the bedroom? We all have. And we know that this trick always works. 

Same way, try to identify specific tasks and activities at home like cleaning, homework, dishwashing, assignments etc. which kids can handle on their own. Increase their screen time on completion of the tasks; otherwise, fix a limited duration every day.

Another advantage of this habit is when kids get additional hours to browse the internet or use the mobile phone; they spend more time on essential activities and things that interest them. They rarely get time to spend on adult or inappropriate websites.

  1.   Convert screen time to family time

If you watch animated movies for a while, you may realize that they are not so dull after all. In fact, the endless drama and agony of adult movies are entirely missing. 

Try to spend screen time with your kids. Whether it is playing a video game or watching a video on YouTube, share the amusement with your kids. And in case you are not aware, there are plenty of two-player games where you can participate with children. 

After spending time with kids during movies and videos, you will find your relationship growing with your kid.  So, stress on this point and enjoy the benefits it offers.

  1.   Strict Bedtime rules 

A parent should have strict bedtime rules for kids. No compromise is permissible with a bedtime of kids. Sleep patterns and body relaxation is vital in children. Even experts at AAP (reference: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/138/5/e20162591) recommend removal of all devices from the bedroom and discourage devices at least 1 hour before bedtime. 

Considering the detrimental effects of devices with kids sleep habits, it is essential to switch off the internet and get rid of devices during sleep hours. If at all possible, parents are also advised to do the same. This will not only inspire the kid but also ensure the parent’s health. 

  1.   Be a perfect example 

Always remember that kids learn from role models or anyone they can look up to. Parents play a crucial role in kids’ life. They observe not only their good habits but also the negative side. 

So, parents need to be extra careful about how they carry themselves in front of kids. Excessive usage of a mobile phone or any gadget can turn out to be risky in front of kids. 

  1.   Use Technology against Technology

Many parents have started searching for ways to combat screen time addiction outside the screen, but guess what, just like the destructive apps in your kid’s phone, there are ample of constructive apps that offer ways to combat mobile addiction. 

Bit Guardian Parental Control App is one such screen time control app that helps in reducing the screen time of your kid. There are two different ways in which you can solve the problem using the app. One, you can lock the device for a specific time, or you can also reduce the time for a particular category of apps like social media or gaming. 

Parents need to set rules to follow at home to manage kids’ screen time , however screen time apps will work as an aid to these house rules.  

With the many features offered by Parental control apps, it would not be wrong to conclude that the app is the most effective way to combat screen time. So, install the best screen time control appBit Guardian Parental Control today!