Real estate business involves the selling and buying of land and properties. It is considered one of the most important investments of individuals. A lot of money gets at stake whenever they decide to invest money in it and this is where following current property trends come into the picture. You should always be aware of not just the current market trends but also the coming trends. “While it is wise not to think very far but still the market trends likely to emerge within one year should be consider while buying or renting any real estate asset”, says Matthew Sawyer Hamden, one of the prominent real estate professionals.

Below are some of the main market trends that are trending in the year 2019 and likely to emerge in the coming years

  • Home Prices Are Rising

We have observed in a couple of years back in the US real estate market that home prices increased significantly. The home prices are still likely to rise in the present year but at a much slower pace than from 2017 to 2018. Moreover, home prices will keep increasing for the next few years with annual increases of 2-6 as agreed by prominent industry leaders such as Matthew.

  • Mortgage Interest Rates Are Increasing

The other important reason which is discouraging potential investors in putting their money in the homes is the increase in mortgage interest rates. As per the market experts, mortgage interest rates will shoot up to an average of 5% for a fixed mortgage of 30 years.

  • Emergence Of Real Estate Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange by using cryptographical functions and serve as online marketplaces with high levels of security. The increased use of cryptocurrency is very likely to change the way investors invest in real estate because it will speed up the entire transaction process. The increased pace of transactions is likely to increase the liquidity of real estate assets.

  • Artificial Intelligence Playing Greater Role

Technology has always played an important role to increase the comfort of investors as well as buyers. It is estimated that this year and coming years will witness the increased number of online home selling platforms, apps, and smart home technologies. There will be mushrooming of tech firms and startups fulfilling the need for real estate investors and new AI technologies will increase the security and efficiency of different processes.

  • Renters Asking More And Better Amenities

The housing markets are becoming more and more competitive and renters are demanding more amenities than ever before. There will likely be a rising competition among different landlords to provide better amenities and facilities to keep themselves in the business. Some of the important amenities like movie theatres and gardens are likely to rise.

Conclusion: The real estate business involves selling and buying of land and properties. The profits in real estate investors depend on many factors and one of these factors is following current market trends and having an idea of coming trends. Some of the main trends that are likely to be observed in 2019 include the rise of home prices, mortgage interest rates, more use of cryptocurrency, landlords competing for providing better amenities, etc. as agreed by Hamden.