Microlearning has emerged as an effective approach that L&D teams can use to address challenges in training. Today, you are spoilt for choice with various types of Microlearning that you can use for both Formal and Informal Trainings.
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We—as a top Microlearning company—are here to help you on how to implement Microlearning in the best way possible for your company and gain a better ROI.
This Infographic showcases 18 Microlearning formats that you can use (for both Formal and Informal Training) to meet this mandate. This is banded into 3 sections split into 3 Infographics.
Infographic 1: Section 1 
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Infographic 2: Section 2 
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Infographic 3: Section 3 
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Do read all three of our Infographics on 18 Microlearning formats that you can use to meet your mandate.   


Microlearning Formats


We hope this Infographic provides cues on Microlearning based training (for Formal and Performance Support intervention as well as for ILT support) that you can use to enhance your existing training.
Do check our other 2 Infographics (Part 1 and Part 2 of this series) that feature the balance 14 formats under Section 1 and 2.
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