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Companies use the Microsoft excel sheets to save their financial data. Excel is useful for creating the charts of profit and loss and graphical representation of the data. This is important for any individual who depends on it and if it is not working properly then the productivity will get a beating.

Resolving an error like excel is not responding is extremely important. So, in this article we are going to provide you with a solution to resolve the ‘Excel is not Responding’ error.

Resolve – Excel is not responding

Run excel in safe mode – Open command prompt to run excel in safe mode by pressing either Windows+R or using Run. Then type ‘excel.exe /safe’ in the command prompt to run excel in safe mode. This would determine what is causing the error in excel not responding. 

Install the updates – Issues can occur if the latest updates on the programs are not installed or you may have missed the latest updates. So, you need to update the Office and Windows as quickly as possible to get rid of this.

Fix Add-ons – If you have installed a few add-ons in excel then this might cause problems and give you nightmares. So, it is advised that you review your add-ons and remove the ones which are causing the program not to respond.

Contact Microsoft Support – When nothing is working in your favor then you need to call Microsoft customer support number and explain your issue to them. The good folks at Microsoft phone number will solve your issue as quickly as possible. They are available 24*7 to solve all Microsoft related issues users face.

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