Your businesses can now meet their customer upfront with the trade shows with the effective marketing media. It would help you gain a better ROI from your next trade show exhibiting efforts

With the following tips and ideas with the modular exhibition system.

Plan Early

The trade show events now would offer the early-bird specials that would save you significantly on your exhibit space with the help of modular exhibition stands.

This way you can save in a lot when you plan your travel well in advance for the exhibit staff that would help you benefit through the discounted airfares, hotels and hire cars for the same.

If you require to ship any products and/or exhibition display materials, plan this early and avoid expedited shipping expenses. Order your promotional items and print all of your pre-show and post-event marketing materials in advance to avoid rush order fees and take advantage of quantity discounts.

Shop Smart for Trade Show Display Materials

Once you determine your display stand size, the next step is to shop for a trade show display. There are some cheap products available online that look like the more expensive ones.

Go to a reputable company and you will find cost-effective, high-quality products that will definitely make an impact at your next trade show or event.

Use Portable Displays

Buy modular exhibition systems that can be easily set up and dismantled by your exhibit staff. This will save time and money in booth installation and dissembling. Browse through the Module Displays product range and view the portable options available.

Take Advantage of No-Cost Marketing

Stretch your trade show budget by using no-cost marketing methods to promote your event participation. These include social media outreach, website promotion, and email marketing.

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Sometimes you may have to choose to exhibit at your next event as a shell scheme exhibition stand. A show organizer will offer you a shell scheme package or space only.

Shell scheme packages are pre-erected rows of stands and you turn up and decorate the stand; whereas space only means you just get an area of the floor and you must provide everything.

If you do choose to go with a shell scheme package we can help you make the most of this space, look at our ranges here, and read on for our top 4 tips on how to make the most of this space.

Plan out your exhibition stand

Before you go to your event, plan out your space and where you will put things on your exhibition stand. Plan out different layouts and see what works best for you and your company. Every company is different whether they are a big corporate company or a small company they will all use space differently.

Use spare furniture to physically layout how your stand will look in front of you and your visitors. You don’t want too many items jammed into one small space of the stand.

Utilize the all space even if it’s small and make sure there is space for potential customers to come and have chat with you and your colleagues or for them to glance around at your products or services.

If you are launching a new product at your event please have a read of our product launches post where we provide 4 tips for a successful launch.

Use useful furniture

Don’t just fill up your space with everything you’ve got; only put in things you will use, like a table and a couple of chairs or a display, if you are planning to show off your services or products.

If you throw everything onto the flexible exhibition stand, your visitors will only see clutter, and miss your message. You want to make it welcome for your visitors by creating a sense of space and freedom of movement on a small stand.

Light it up

Make it nice and bright, adding a couple of wall lights to your stand can really help make it bright, airy and inviting. Lighter colored shell scheme panels will help make your stand seem spacious so you might want to keep any dense branding or graphics to one or two walls. Make sure what you do with your stand is right for the look of your company.

Small amounts of storage

Try and keep storage to a minimum on a small shell scheme stand and be selective with what storage you decide to use. Keep all personal belongings, coats, bags, and jackets out of view.

A desk with shelving underneath can be a neat and tidy way of keeping things out of view. Storing things on shelves helps keep them off the ground and out of the way of visitors as well as making space look taller.