Are you having trouble with your children during the back to school season every year? If yes then you are not alone. Almost all the parents face this problem with their kids because kids do not like to get back to their boring daily school day timetable. How to deal with such kids? As a parent you need to have few tricks to keep your children motivated and to get them back to school without much trouble.

One of the best ways to create interest among the kids who are not eager to get back to school is through the new school supplies. If you can start talking to them about buying new bookbags for school and other school supplies they will automatically show interest. Plan with them the entire shopping process. Get them involved with the shopping based on their age. This will keep them motivated and it will help in getting their interest.

When you get started early with the entire sourcing process you are also likely to get enough time to source the school supplies. You will be able to find a better store to order the school supplies. You will also need time to compare the wholesale backpacks stores. When you order from a wholesaler the savings are huge. You can order what you need for this year and keep the surplus you are likely to have for your future needs.

Let your children select the designs and models that they want from the wholesale backpack store. You can just ensure that they are selecting something that is durable and something that fits your budget. When you do all these and make them part of the entire process you will get better cooperation and you will be able to save a lot of trouble for yourself on the long run.

Along with these efforts you should start talking to your kids about school. Most parents make the mistake of reminding their kids about the school reopening day only the night before the actual day of reopening. Kids do not take such surprises well. They do much better when you prepare them gradually. You should start talking about the interesting things that they could possibly do at school and other such things that are likely to get their interest. Start this process at least two weeks in advance. This will get you the best results.

Do not be too tough with your kids because if you are too tough with them they are likely to sulk in and start hating school all together. You need to be very careful therefore to handle things carefully. You certainly want your kids to have good childhood memories. So take your time to think through things. You need to at times bribe your kids with the school supplies and to be flexible a bit when selecting the school supplies. Always go for the best quality school supplies so that they last long.