Moving to a new home is always a special moment. Be it the first apartment or the shared house with the family. But the move is the part that nobody wants to do. It takes a lot of time, requires a high degree of coordination and it is not easy to lug the heavy and bulky furniture.

For this reason, many are thinking about engaging a professional moving company like a man and van Woking rather than taking it on themselves. The main points to move and consider the external service provider is discussed in more detail in this article.

Planning to move to the new apartment properly

Is there a move to a new apartment or dormitory? We have the right moving material for you, which makes it easier for you to move to your new home. Whether practical bag, load belt or tensioning belt – with these items, everything is quickly stowed and easier to transport. With our man and van Guildford a, you can also stylishly move into your new home. Find the man and van Guildford now the right moving material and get your move quickly and safely across the stage.


A change of residence is also ideal to create a new order. You can also use the parade to dispose of old furniture and equip yourself with new furnishings. You can watch the furniture directly leave for home delivery or you rent you a man and van Woking in your local store. It is best to clarify ahead of time whether assistants will assist you in unloading, or whether you need to request reinforcements. Therefore, it is very important to announce the move date as soon as possible.

The months before the move

At least three months before the actual move, the most basic things should be done. The most important thing is to cancel the old apartment since there is a notice period of three months. Likewise, all contracts, such as telephone, Internet, and television should already be rescheduled, as the providers usually need some time for it. So that the old card, which is no longer needed, is not taken, at this time already a sorting should take place. A move is a perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Furniture that is broken or worn and has no emotional value should be sorted out and disposed of.

One month before the move date you can start to pack the boxes and special insurance, such as the house insurance to re-register. Should the new home be in need of renovation, the latest time would be to wallpaper, paint and create a layout plan?

Himself is the man or moving company?

When the new apartment is found, the old one quits and everything is done formally, all that’s left is the move. Now one wonders whether one would like to do the stress, or rather a few euro in the hand takes to assign a man and van Guildford. If the distance to the new apartment is only a few kilometers, it is hardly problematic to drive back and forth with a Bully a few times. However, if the apartment is at the other end of the country this can be a problem and a removal company is definitely recommended. Relocation helpers are experts with many years of experience, which safely stow all the belongings and transport them to the new apartment in one day. Especially children and older people, who do not have the strength to carry all the heavy furniture, can benefit from a moving company.