Cuisine from Latin, coquere, “to cook” is a delicate blend of fine art and scientific precision. It is a passion acquired either by tasting good food or by preparing good food. As Brillat Savarin said “Beasts feed. Man eats. Only the man of intellect knows how to eat.” From the age of service de confusion to the present day where we are talking about digital dining and healthy junk food, cooking has undergone a 180° change. We are not far when the culinary discourse will take a 360° turn.

I developed a passion for good food from an early age when I would taste practically anything that tasted good. My earliest memories were of my mom’s traditional mouthwatering delicacies. My years in culinary school inculcated discipline, humility and taught me to respect hierarchy.

“A good apprentice cook must be polite with the dishwasher as with the chef.”- Fernand Point.

Culinary schools didn’t become very popular until the early twentieth century when French culinary training became the hallmark of any good chef, and students came from all over the world to learn the prized techniques. The type of “apprenticeship” approach has been in operation for thousands of years and is still used in many types of fields to great success even today. There are many others who believe, no formal culinary arts career begins without formal training from a recognized and accredited culinary school.

In my tenure as a Culinary Arts Instructor for more than ten years, every single day is a new day to me. There is a school of thought which misinterpret training as a monotonous exercise, although for me as an Instructor at ICCA Dubai, every day brings in a new challenge, an exercise which keeps me on my toes to better my skills, knowledge and interpersonal skills. The challenges are in line with the needs of the industry, tailor making it to client expectations as well as meeting the curriculum requirement. I find culinary training to be a highly rewarding profession, undisputedly in its nobility blended with the passion of dealing with good food.

“Before eating, always take time to thank the food”. American Indian proverb.

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