Never Before Seen Insights Into The NuvaRing

Also known as the birth control ring, the NuvaRing is a tiny and flexible donut-shaped birth control device with a diameter of about 2 inches. This ring is filled with progestin etonogestrel and estrogen ethinylestradiol. The NuvaRing is inserted in the female private parts to release low doses of those hormones to inhibit pregnancy. This ring is replaced monthly and the process is DIY. When used properly the NuvaRing is about 91 percent effective as you are about to discover.

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How the NuvaRing works

This birth control ring releases small doses of progestin and estrogen when wearing it. Vaginal lining absorbs these hormones to inhibit the body’s natural ovulation cycle. this involves limiting the release of eggs from the ovaries for fertilization to happen to make getting pregnant impossible. Additionally, hormones in the ring thicken cervix mucus making it harder for sperms to travel through to an egg for fertilization to happen.

Why the NuvaRing is a better birth control method


One of the best things about using the NuvaRing over other birth control methods is the ease of use and convenience. This is the ideal birth control method for people who hate the hassle of having to take a daily pill. Additionally, using the NuvaRing eliminates the hassle of thinking about birth control before sexual intercourse. You only have to think about the NuvaRing once or twice monthly during placement and removing. There is even chance to use an app to keep your ring replacement schedule.

During intense moments, there is no need to begin thinking about using birth control. Appropriate use of the NuvaRing keeps you safe every day. Not having to worry about birth control when tensed up makes sex more enjoyable. The convenience of this birth control method extends to its access. You can conveniently buy NuvaRing online any time after getting a prescription from your doctor or nurse.

Conceiving right away after use

The NuvaRing is very effective at preventing pregnancy. However, when you wish to conceive, you won’t find any problem after stopping to use the birth control ring. This allows spacing your childbearing just the way you like. The best thing is ability to become pregnant immediately after stopping to use the ring.

When you decide to get pregnant, it takes about a month or two after stopping to use the NuvaRing for your periods to return to the normal cycle. Well, there is a possibility of missing your period for a while or experiencing an irregular period for a short while. This usually happens if you had the same experience before using the NuvaRing. Don’t get worried when your period fails to come back right away, there is a possibility to get pregnant as long as you stop using the ring.

Make periods better

You will love the NuvaRing for making your period regular and easier to predict. This birth control ring is filled with hormones that help with menstrual cramps to make your period lighter. Additionally, the NuvaRing also comes in handy when looking forward to skipping your period safely to make a special occasion convenient.

More than birth control

The NuvaRing is more than just an effective birth control method. It has various positive impacts on health including:

  • Lessening acne
  • Preventing bone thinning
  • Fighting iron deficiency
  • Inhibiting premenstrual syndrome
  • Lessening the risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • Preventing endometrial and ovarian cancers
  • Limiting infections in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus

How to use the NuvaRing

This is simple and straightforward. However, check the packaging to ensure the ring is not expired. Wash hands with soap and water before squeezing the ring and inserting it into your birth canal. Don’t get too worried about the exact placement of the ring. When walking and can’t feel it, then you placed it right. You have to leave the ring in place for a month before replacing it.

The lifespan of each ring is a month for ultimate protection against pregnancy. Leave the NuvaRing in place for a month including during exercise or sexual intercourse. However, you can remove the ring during sexual intercourse. Rinse it in cool water before placing the NuvaRing back. The general rule of thumb is to leave the ring intact for a month.

Using the NuvaRing within five days of your period makes it very effective at preventing pregnancy. You won’t need any form of back up contraceptive. For other days of your cycle, use a backup contraceptive such as a condom in the first week of using the NuvaRing.

Who can’t use the NuvaRing?

This highly effective birth control method  is not for everyone. Women taking particular medications and supplements are limited from using the NuvaRing. You can’t use this ring when on drugs including:

  • Specific HIV medications
  • Antibiotics like Rifampin
  • Antifungal medication like Griseofulvin
  • Some psychiatric and anti-seizure drugs

In summary

The NuvaRing is an effective birth control method with several benefits. However, talk to your physician about this birth control method to ensure it will work for you. Luckily, you can easily purchase more rings online for your monthly replacements.