Visiting famous landmarks around the world will be like a dream for most of us. And it is a wonderful experience to see those structures beyond the pages of the history books.

Landmarks give us an idea about the place. And these monuments and natural wonders connect us with a unique experience that inspires our journey.

And you will be mesmerized by seeing these 7 such world-famous sites. See our list of the most famous destinations in the world.

1. Grand Canyon, In USA

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most spectacular landscapes in America, a 277-mile long, 5,000ft deep kaleidoscopic gorge of the Colorado River which cuts through the high desert plains of Arizona like a golden knife.

In the evening, they glow red like embers. And the real stunning view of the Grand Canyon is in the rocks themselves.

More than five million visitors a year come to Grand Canyon National Park.

2. Total Solar Eclipse, Argentina

total solar eclipse

This eclipse is a temptation of nature that the Moon blocks the Sun momentarily and casts its shadow on the Earth. However, looking first hand, seeing the day in the dark night and coming back again, is a terrible experience.

That small band of complete darkness is only ever visible in a few locations around the globe.

And this year, on 2 July, it falls across one of the most beautiful places in South America.

3. Wapusk National Park, In Canada

Wapusk National Park

Every winter, more than 1,000 polar bears live in Wapusk National Park, which gives birth to the largest polar bear on the planet.

It is one of the most special wildlife experiences in the world, only a few people see it every year and it is one of the most alluring places in Canada.

Every year nearly thousands of visitors come from all over the world to see the polar bear.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited destinations in Peru and is situated at an altitude of 7,000 feet above sea level on the planet.

It was estimated that about 750 people lived in the Inca Empire in the 15th century of the ancient citadel. Because it was a royal estate rather than a proper city.

To get there, take a train from Cusco to the town of Aguas Calientes, where you can hike or take a bus to the entrance.

5.Chichén Itzá, In Mexico

Chichén Itzá

Chichen Itza, found in the state of Yucatán, is one of Mexico’s most archaeological sites in 2017 with over 2.6 million tourists. it is a large Mayan city that was once a powerhouse in the region.

Itza is believed to refer to an ethnic group or translate “magic of water”. However, it is a large site with highlights such as the Sacred Sennett and El Castillo Pyramid.

6. The Christ Redeemer Statue (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Redeemer Statue

The massive statue of Christ the Redeemer is located on the summit of the 700 meters (2,300 ft) Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park in the city of Rio Janeiro.

This worldwide symbol of Christianity has become a cultural symbol of both Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

Over millions of people come across all over the world to see this statue. And now it is listed as one of the New 7 Wonders of the world.

7. The Colosseum (Rome, Italy)

The Colosseum

This grand colosseum was commissioned in Rome around 70 AD. This huge arena has more than 80 entrances and a seating area of at least 50,000 to 80000 people.

However, parts of the Colosseum have been broken by earthquakes, robberies, vandals or fires.

It is still an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome and is listed as one of the new 7 wonders of the world. And it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world with 7.4 million visitors.


I hope this post tells you about the new 7 famous landmarks. Where you will have a great experience.

These famous sites are also called the Seven Wonders of the World where you must visit once in your lifetime and want to know about history, culture, and beauty.