The New Year is around the corner. This is a time to ponder on how the current year has been and to make resolutions for the New Year. A bed is an important aspect of life. This is where you spend about a third of your life. Quality of your sleep has an impact on how you wake up. Sleep comfort depends on the quality of the mattress. Read on to discover New Year resolutions to achieve by sleeping on a new mattress.

Critical thinking

A premium quality mattress from a skilled manufacturer can significantly improve sleep quality. Enhanced sleep has a significant impact on learning new things and storing memories. Sleep is not a passive activity. During slumber, a lot happens in the brain including consolidation. This involves shifting skills and information to permanent regions and efficient areas of the brain.

During restful sleep, you give the brain time to practice effectively whatever you discovered throughout the day. Therefore, sleep allows synthesizing new ideas since the collation of information happens during sleep. The combination of new experiences allows coming up with new concepts. Therefore, sleeping on a quality mattress will give you better and restful sleep for efficient critical thinking.

Better health

Everyone desires to be in good health. It is no wonder that this might obviously be on top of your New Year’s resolutions. Sleep is crucial to your health and enhancing your sleep quality is the solution to achieving this resolution. Poor sleep is linked to various disorders including heart attacks, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. To buy mattress in Dubai should be on top of your to-do list before New Year comes. This will ensure that you always have quality sleep to enjoy great health.

Weight loss

Quality sleep has a significant impact on weight control. Lacking the urge to go to the gym when always feeling tired. Failing to sleep at night encourages snacking that significantly contributes to weight gain. Sleep deprivation inhibits the distribution of the leptin hormone in the body. Lack of this hormone is likely to make you always feeling hungry and craving for foods high in cholesterol and fat. Invest in a new mattress as a strategy to enhance your weight loss goal in the New Year. You will always have good sleep with less craving for food during the night that encourages weight gain.

Less stress

If you have spent most part of this year feeling grumpy, make beating stress one of your resolutions for the New Year. Stress is a great inhibitor of creative thinking. Getting quality sleep increases happiness and creative thinking. About 6 to 8 hours of sleep are necessary for a regular adult. Your old mattress might have contributed to a stressful year. Investing in a new mattress will eliminate poor sleep to beat mental deficits. The new mattress will always make you feel refreshed and relaxed to keep you in a good mood. You will always be less likely to feel angry, depressed, and irritated.

Avoiding allergies

If you have spent much of this year battling allergies, your old mattress might be the culprit. Old mattresses host sweat, allergens, and dust. These trigger allergies leading to swelling and congestion of the throat. This might be the reason for disrupted sleep and snoring. When suffering from asthma, sleeping on an old mattress encourages symptoms to worsen. Avoiding this in the New Year requires switching to a new mattress. This will allow sleeping on a mattress free from exposure to allergens, sweat, and dust.

Boosting productivity

A poor-quality mattress inhibits getting quality sleep. This usually comes with disruptions during sleep throughout the night. Low quality sleep has adverse effects on the brain function controlling the accuracy and speed of processing information. This significantly lowers productivity. Inefficient sleep limit the ability of the brain to retain information captured throughout the day. Investing in a new mattress will ensure that you always sleep comfortably and soundly to allow the brain to form new ideas and pull knowledge together from various parts.


This is a very uncomfortable condition, especially when sleeping with a partner. Snoring might result from the partial restriction of the upper airway passage at the back of the mouth. Appropriate support for the head and body during sleep can limit snoring. Old mattresses obviously sag from years of exposure to sweat and dust compromising firmness. This might cause snoring over time. Fortunately, sleeping on a new mattress keeps the spine well aligned and distributes body weight evenly to limit snoring.

Wrapping up

Guess you have now discovered how a new mattress can help you achieve various New Year resolutions. Sleeping on this mattress will always give you relaxed and restful sleep to make you wake up refreshed and relaxed every morning. Invest in a quality mattress now and you will successfully beat weight gain, snoring, allergies, stress, and live healthier.