Have you ever wondered why some kids learn faster while others do not? Are you confused between making your children learn Arabic from texts or rhymes? Let us find it all in detail by comparing the two.

In this post, we will do a detailed analysis between learning Arabic from rhymes VS learning from texts and which one comes out to be better.

Level of Interest

Whenever we are learning anything, it is essential to have a sense of interest in it. This makes learning more effective. In the case of texts of Arabic, it is tough to pronounce the word on your own correctly. On the other hand, in the case of the rhymes, it is effortless and interactive. You can Download Nursery Rhymes from the Olive Tree Study. This will help your child develop a keen interest in learning and reciting the Arabic words as well as this will also develop their interest in Arabic and the Quran.

Ease of Access

While reading texts, if a child has a problem, he has to take guidance from someone around him. But what if there’s no one there at that point of time? Then comes to the rescue the platform, Olive Tree Study, from where you can download nursery rhymes and the child can repeat the rhymes as many times as he wants until he is clear with it and will always come over the small problems. Arabic learning has never been so easy, but now with the help of Olive Tree Study, it is possible.

Level of Remembering

In the case of texts, even if you read them, once, twice or thrice, it is still hard to remember it after two or three days. But in the case of the rhymes, once you listen to them, you recite them all day long. This will surely help your child remember everything he learns. In order to do so download nursery rhymes and then watch your kid gets better every day. Watch him learn Arabic and the Quran so happily with a drastic change in his abilities.

Anywhere Anytime

In the case of texts, you need to carry them with you to all the places you go to. You have to take them along with you. On the other hand, in case of the rhymes, you just need to download nursery rhymes, or you can buy CDs, and you can play them whenever you want. You can even save them in your phone and listen to them anytime.

Learning with Fun

Have you ever wondered how you are lazy sometimes and suddenly some music boosts you up? Yes! That is the magic of learning from rhymes instead of texts. Even if your child is bored or tired, rhymes can always be enjoyed at any point of time. Not only enjoyment, but, rhymes make them interact with the language and get a better hold over it. This comes out to be the best part of rhymes. If you are thinking where from you can get it? Do not worry. You can download nursery rhymes from the Olive Tree Study and thus make learning fun-filled.


Therefore, we saw how learning can be fun with rhymes instead of texts. This will not only enhance the cognitive skills, but also will develop interest of the child in learning Arabic and he will love learning Arabic through rhymes.