Varanasi continues to be the spiritual, historical, and cultural hotspot of India. The city has earned its name worldwide for being one of the oldest on the planet. The liberating, exhilarating, and unrestrained charisma of this place lures in hordes of visitors. Be it watching the spectacular aarti or spending hours by the Ghats, ogling at the breathtaking architecture on every inch of the temples or getting lost in a gastronomic paradise – Varanasi should be on every traveler’s bucket list. It doesn’t matter if you are here seeking salvation or searching the meaning of life and beyond, Varanasi will heal your soul and elevate your energy levels. Get ready to explore the hidden, offbeat locations along with the renowned ones with Varanasi packages. 

Sarnath: – Don’t Miss The Divinity Of The Pink Temple

An incredible addition to the unparalleled beauty of Varanasi is the Sivali Vietnamese Buddha Temple. A massive and highly impressive work of art resides within the temple. You will be in search of words to describe this beautiful Buddha idol. Though a majority of tourists are unaware of this stunning temple, you must not miss the opportunity to visit it. 

Sarnath: History, Attractions, Best Time to Visit, How to Reach & Travel Tips

Assi Ghat: – Pay Your Earnest Respect To The Creator 

The accumulation of pilgrims from different regions of the country to Assi Ghat is well justified. The chaos, charisma, and vibrancy with which the entire area is engulfed deserve the attention of all. This religious ghat in Varanasi beckons at the hearts of visitors to stay back and simply cherish the joys of life. The amazing aarti that takes place on a regular basis is a sight to behold. 

assi ghat

Banaras Hindu University: – The Haven For Learners

This isn’t just any regular University that you come by every other day. The Banaras Hindu University was established in 1916 by M.M. Malviya. Thousands of students receive their higher education and prepare for their upcoming future here. Keeping aside the facts and figures, take a good look at the impressive architecture of the place which showcases Indo-Gothic aura. Its beauty is further increased by the surroundings of well-maintained sprawling lawns.  A well-informed Varanasi Tour Guide will take you to all the locations here.

banaras hindu university

Alamgir Mosque:- The Marvelous Monument For Muslims 

If you think Varanasi is the spiritual and holy land for only Hindus, then you will be amazed to know that there are several other religious institutions that have been here for centuries. The Alamgir Mosque is another renowned structure here in Varanasi. It goes back to the 17th century where the infamous Mughal ruler Aurangzeb built it. However, he was also responsible for demolishing the Shiva temple adjacent to the mosque. This mosque features stunning architecture that gives us a glimpse of the Indo-Islamic style that was popular centuries ago. The high domes and impressive minarets will captivate anyone. 

Bathe in the spirituality, tranquility, color, and charm of Varanasi by planning a trip here. The best time to visit Varanasi is between the months of October to Match. 

Alamgir Mosque:- The Marvelous Monument For Muslims