Can Patriot Flex simply eliminate your joint ache or is that this some other scam product this is going to be a waste of your cash?

I do not know about you, however, when I first came across this stuff it sounded a touch bit too suitable to be proper. It made me suspicious that it may possibly be some other rip-off so I decided to dig a bit deeper, to look at it more and definitely see if it’s miles as desirable as human beings are saying.

In this assessment I’ll be going over what Patriot Flex is exactly, the components it has, whether or no longer it’s miles absolutely as effective as claimed, proceedings and more.

Thinking approximately shopping for it? You are truly going to need to examine this primary.

But earlier than I get into all that, I first need to speak about the income pitch a piece… Click Here Fore More

The Sales Pitch:

Now there might be quite a few distinct promotional cloth accessible, but the income pitch I came throughout started out as you may see inside the screenshot underneath…

At first, I changed into questioning why the heck they have been talking approximately a few Pennsylvania coal fire, however then they form of tied all of it together and associated it to inflammation inside the joints.

Basically, they have been pronouncing that, like this vintage coal mining metropolis that has had fires burning underground for decades, the inflammation on your joints is also “smoldering” and can flare up at any time.

And of route Patriot Flex can supposedly repair that. They say it can…

Relieves cussed joint ache

Relaxes tight muscles

Reduces irritation

Even works if you have used turmeric, fish oil, glucosamine, DMSO, white willow bark, emu oil and greater

A New Breakthrough That Is Sure to Get Rid of Your Inflammation???

The man announcing all of these things, who is known as Jeff Reagan, is the founding father of Patriot Health Alliance (the organization that makes Patriot Flex).

He mentions some new “leap forward” that has been determined in which researchers have discovered that the protein complicated NF-kB is the “spark” that “ignites” infection.

He claims that an excessive amount of NF-kB makes your frame produce extra inflammatory triggers which further increases infection.

The key to decrease irritation is to lower your degrees of NF-kB, however, of course, you don’t need to lower them too much because this protein complex is critical for diverse physical functions.

He says that the trouble is that there are not any products out in the marketplace but that target this specific problem… Except for of direction Patriot Flex.

Red Flags:

First off… The income pitch sounds a touch bit too top to be genuine and is a tad deceptive. While NF-kB has been related to inflammation, this, in reality, isn’t the “only” motive.

Also, after doing a little digging around I changed into capable of discovering that some of the testimonial pics proven on the sales web page are fake.

As you may see below, these photos are simply inventory pictures that anyone should buy online and use as they desire…

And by using the way, I did a reverse Google photo seek to discover these pix had been fake, in case you were wondering.

There are in reality a few pink flags… BUT this doesn’t make it a rip-off.

So without similarly ado, permit’s leap into this evaluate and spot whether or not or now not this product is without a doubt worth shopping for…

Patriot Flex Review

Product Type: Roll-on joint ache comfort

Manufacturer: Patriot Health Alliance

Price: $20 – $33 in line with the bottle (depends on what number of your order)

Where to Buy – Official Website Here

Recommended?: Not clearly. More in this

Patriot Flex is a roll-on pain comfort product this is intended to be used at the joints. It is basically a combination of various herbs that come from traditional European, Chinese and Indian medication. The mixture comes in a roll-on bottle that is very clean to use.

The product is manufactured with the aid of an organization known as the Patriot Health Alliance, which additionally makes several different ones of a kind herbal fitness products such as Digestive Freedom Plus and Patriot Power Greens.


Overall I’m now not too impressed with this product. It honestly does have a few capacities to assist with joint pain, but is it going to virtually cast off your ache specifically? Who knows…


How It Works

An aspect called Leopard’s Bane is what you can call the “foremost” aspect. This has been used since the middle ages and is what we’re told will inhibit NF-kB.

It contains what’s known as helenalin, that is the hat is accountable for inhibiting NF-kB.

And seemingly this could even completely inhibit its manufacturing

But we don’t want that!

We do not want to absolutely get rid of NF-kB!

Luckily much of what you are informed is a piece deceptive and the fact is that it’ll not completely inhibit it.