Weddings on the card and you have selected the most romantic wedding destination to make your wedding most rememberable day with lots of picture-perfect moments.

Now all you need is someone who can capture the moments flawlessly because aside from the lovely wedding band, endless memories, lots of gifts and soon-to-be spouse, the only other thing you desperately want to bring back from your wedding is photographs. There are a few points to ensure that you get the best pictures on your wedding day.

Hire a professional wedding photographer.

The first thing that you can’t miss is to hire a professional wedding photographer. You can’t afford to risk with a photographer, that’s why most of the destination wedding couples hire a professional photographer for their big day.

To get your dream photographer, you must search for a photographer whose work and style you adore. Devote time and effort in searching for that perfect photographer, do check for the reviews and past works before selecting.

Don’t cut the price on photography

Marriage is an expensive affair, starting with your dress to the destination to the venue everything is expensive. Eventually people tend to cut down the cost on photography, however, that’s not a wise decision.

Photography is an area where you should invest properly because photographs are one of those things from the wedding that remains with you as a memory forever. Compare the prices, check out the past works, picture quality and then finalize the best photographer that suits your budget.

Communication and connection

Communication and a good connection with the photographer are important. Never assume the photographer knows everything because preference varies from person to person and till you will not share your preference he won’t be able to give you the best-desired results.

Be clear, open and precise with them in sharing what kind of shots you imagine for your big day? The better they know you and your partner, the easier it will be for them to capture the finest shots. It’s good to know your photographer and cherish the best shots then regretting later. Also, discuss the schedule in advance, the presence of sunlight affects photo in many ways.

Make a list

Every wedding photographer has their own list of important moments and poses to capture but it’s still a good idea to create your own list for getting ready, couple shots, family portraits, etc, to make doubly sure not to miss any.

Ask your photographer whether or not they have a list of different poses because depending on the photographer’s style, some prefer to capture on the fly, while others may have their template.

Be yourself

Try to enjoy the moment, don’t waste your time in showing off, these are your photos, your memories and you don’t need to fake it out or stress it out. Don’t forget, you wear your emotions on your face, which shows up in pictures. So, make sure to be real, enjoy the moment and select poses, locations, emotions accurately that represents you as a couple.

Don’t overdo your hair or makeup

You will find an urge to get ready and look best with perfect hair and makeup but looking your best doesn’t mean an overdo. Make sure to look as natural as you can with light make-up and a bright smile if you want to recognize yourself later.

Some ceremonies demand makeup as well as hairdo but don’t forget to have some no-makeup clicks too. After all its, your wedding and the real wedding glow should not hide behind the make-up looks.

Keep Extra Time in your wedding’s bucket list

Keep a few intervals in your wedding timeline which will allow you to freshen up and you will not look tired or sleepy in your pics. You have already invested so much in your wedding and the wedding photographer, utilize them properly. Don’t allow lack of time to ruin your collection, try as many poses as you want and keep clicking till you get the perfect shot.

Explore the surroundings.

Every photographer knows that you want pictures on the beach if it’s the destination you have selected for your wedding. But it is advisable not to limit yourself to the beach, instead, go and explore few beautiful unique locations outside your resort for some different backgrounds.

Don’t be stressed

This one is important, yes, wedding photography is important but remember the wedding day memories and experiences with your guests is also important and can never be replaced. Don’t overthink or stressed about photography while ignoring your relatives, do stop by them to say hello.

One of the best things you can do to eliminate this stress is by creating a timeline for your photographer. It’s important to discuss in advance when and where the shots will take place and schedule ample time. After all, a less-stressed and happy bride looks perfect in all photos.

Start Early on Your Big Day

On your D-day, reach before time to have plenty of time for a photo shoot as well as cope up with any worse situation such as traffic delays, hair, and makeup emergencies.

Be careful, so that the stress can’t take over the situation. There is no harm in keeping an extra hour in your bucket, even if you will reach early, it will give you more photos of a happy bride.

Look up

The essence of any perfect photograph is your attitude, the way you carry yourself. Make sure to walk slowly, confidently and look straight with a smiling face. If you want perfect candid photos of you on your wedding day than don’t forget to look up and smile.

Don’t be nervous, you will definitely look amazing, once you are in that lovely wedding gown and every photo will be perfect if you will keep smiling. It’s time to show some trust in your photographer.

Every photo speaks its own story, that’s why it is important to select a good professional photographer to make your wedding seamless with perfect pictures.