Media servers are always been a popular choice since the day they are introduced. But the problem is since there is more than one choice available online, users find it annoying to choose the best among them.

Two of the popular choices are the Plex server and Emby media server. Both belong to the category of dedicated servers, but which one is the best is a matter of concern.

Finding trouble? No need to look further. This blog gives you a conclusion to which media server is better – Plex or Emby.

But for that, you need to study the following comparison – Plex vs Emby.

Comparison between Plex and Emby Server

  1. Cost factors: The very first thing that a user looks for is – how much the product pinches the wallet? Even if they get an affordable product, they look for more alternatives that are more budget-friendly than the prior one.
    Now coming to Plex and Emby server, both the media servers offer a free and a premium plan to the users. And it’s quite obvious that the features provided in these two categories for the two different servers are different.
    However, based on the monthly plan both the servers have almost the same plan. So, there is basically nothing to differentiate in terms of cost.
  2. Installation: Be it the Plex server or Emby server, for both of them a client/server setup is required. What you need to do is, on your PC or NAS Drive install the server app. This should be installed in such a device which you usually used to store your local media files.
    For both cases, installing the server is quite easy. But what is difficult is the set up to commence the server. This is where the difference lies.
    For Plex, it is easy to set up the server and enjoy the content. In other terms, you will find the Plex server more friendly than the Emby server. At least, for the newcomers it’s good.
  3. Navigation feature: In terms of navigation, Plex leaves no space to amaze its users. The user-friendly interface of Plex server improves the user experience by providing easy to navigate feature.
    However, there is nothing wrong with Emby’s navigation feature as well. You can even get a lively feature there also. But if you are looking for something professional, then Plex will be the perfect option to switch over. Especially, the users who are regular users of Apple TV, Android TV, and other set-top boxes, Plex plays a prominent role for them.
  4. Customization feature: In terms of customization features, it is better to choose Emby over Plex. Because here you get the chance to witness endless settings and get options to modify them and the UI as per your own need.
    In addition to this, you even get the leverage to apply your own CSS code to the backend of the web app, thus modifying the login screen and other themes.
    The reason behind Emby being the best customization server is its open-source characteristics. Due to the closed source functionality, Plex fails to have this feature.
  5. Streaming online: When it comes to streaming your media files online, it is the Plex that always hits the market. That’s the primary reason why users prefer to use Plex over other media servers.

    More importantly, for streaming your videos online you don’t need to subscribe to any Plex Pass or look for any premium option. It’s absolutely free, no matter what device you choose to enjoy.

    With Emby, the devices are restricted to the web app, Apple TV, Roku, and Samsung Smart TVs. For others, you need to install a premium version.

Which is the winner?

It will not be wrong to conclude that the Plex media server are more friendly than the Emby server. Although Emby has even made a strong fight to secure the top position, Plex server with its features turns out to be a great app, definitely deserves a huge round of applause.

Do you have any other opinions? Well, in that case, you can share your thoughts with us.

But if you find Plex more interesting, then definitely you must learn more about this server, its applications, its detailed features, and of course, its benefits.