Summer is here, and so are the soothing days which we spend relaxing around the pool. Yes, we all go to poolside many times in summer to get a break from the scorching heat. Visiting waterparks, attending poolside parties and going into the pool, whenever there is an opportunity, is everyone’s favorite pastime in summers.

You must have selected the best swimwear to look super stunning in the pool but, have you created the list of poolside beauty essentials yet? Well, you definitely need some beauty products that will take care of your beautiful skin, hairs and overall look. Of course, you can’t leave your body at the mercy of blistering sun for an entire day.

Add these products into your poolside bag to look gorgeous in the pool:

  1. High SPF Sunscreen:

Any pool visit is incomplete without sunscreen. Of course, you are going to be under the direct influence of harsh sunrays till the time you will be in the pool. Many people complaint about sun-tan after pool party because they don’t keep sunscreen with them. Some of them apply it before heading out of home, but that’s not enough for the whole day; right.

So, you need to keep a high SPF containing sunscreen of whatever company you like with you. It works as a shield between your soft skin and sunrays. Apply it on your whole body before going in the pool and keep re-applying it within a few hours to strengthen its effect.

  1. Lightweight Moisturiser:

Skin usually becomes dry when we spend some time in the pool due to the chemicals present in the pool water. It makes the pores, fine lines and dry skin highly visible; which is enough to ruin your poolside look. To avoid this, you should keep a lightweight moisturizer with you.

Don’t keep any of your winter moisturizers as they aren’t suitable for summers and will make your skin oily and greasy. Instead, buy a lightweight one to avoid the sweat and flaunt a natural sun-kissed complexion in the pool.

  1. Hair Protection Serum:

Many people don’t know, but sun rays can also damage our hairs. That’s why most of the times your shining tresses become dull in the summer.  UV rays make your hair unhealthy and dry. So, you should take care of your hair as well while going out for a pool party.

There are many hair serums that work the same as sunscreen does for your skin. They protect your shiny and smooth hair from the harmful effects of sunrays. These hair protecting substances are available in the form of serums as well as hair sprays. Buy the one which suits you best.

  1. SPF Lip Balm:

Your lips also need protection while going out in summers. Don’t just carry any lip balm available at your home while going to the poolside. Buy SPF lip balm which can shield your lips from the harmful sun rays. These lip balms can prevent problems like chapped and dry lips in summers.

Apart from it, these are lightweight and contain elements like vitamin E, almond oil or cocoa butter that can nourish your lips from within. Your lips will look shiny, soft and naturally perfect when you will apply SPF lip balm for your pool outing.

  1. Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara:

Your eyes are the most important part of your face. Attractive eyes are something which no one can ignore. Eyeliner and mascara are essential to highlight the beauty of your eyes, and we know you don’t go out without these anywhere! But, you can’t wear your regular eyeliner or mascara in the pool.

It will all be on your face once you will jump in the pool and we bet you don’t want that to happen. So, you should apply waterproof eyeliner plus mascara to have stunning eyes and eyelashes. These amazingly smudge-proof products will let your eyes cast a magical spell with their beauty when you will enjoy in the pool.

  1. Roll-on Perfume:

Sweat can ruin your freshness in summers. The smell of sweat mixed up with the chlorine smell is enough to destroy your party mood. Of course, you don’t want to smell like that while partying in the pool.

So, keep the roll-on perfume of whatever scent you love in your poolside bag. Smelling fresh will make your personality stand out among others in the pool.

  1. Sunglasses:

Being under the direct sunlight for longer duration can affect the pupils of your eyes as well. You may have noticed slight redness in the white area of your pupils after experiencing harsh sun rays in summers.

So, you should keep your sunglasses handy with you when you go to the poolside. Apart from it, the sunglasses will also add that oomph effect into your party look. You can get sunglasses which perfectly complement the color combination of your swimsuit to rock the pool!

  1. Clarifying Shampoo:

After you come out of the pool, you need to wash up your hairs with a clarifying shampoo. Chlorine, which is present in the pool water, is the real enemy of your hairs. It can make them dry and can also affect the artificial color or highlights of hairs.

Considering this, you should buy any clarifying shampoo which is specially meant for pool after-wash. Such shampoos give your hairs their natural shine back by hydrating every strand. Your hairs will be safe from the after-effects of chlorine by using this shampoo.

  1. Pre-Swim and Post-Swim Hair De-chlorinating Spray:

Your hair needs extra protection in the pool. That’s why you should also buy pre-swim and post-swim de-chlorinating spray. The pre-swim spray will shield your hair from the adverse effects of chlorinated pool water.

The post-swim spray is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that can neutralize the effect of chlorine. The combination of both of these sprays will preserve the shine and smoothness of your hair all day long and even after the poolside outing!