As we have already described that once you have the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) COC to technical standards, it means that your devices are properly listed and their IMEIs are stored in records of PTA. This is the foremost exercise practiced all over the world where any wireless devices are imported. It is important to have the record of each wireless/terminal device working in any country.

Here it is also important to know that the PTA-COC is only obligatory when the devices you are importing are SIM based. For the devices where no SIM is required, Only PTA Type Approval Certificate is necessary at the shipment time for clearance. So it is always compulsory to check that your devices that do not require SIMs are already Type Approved by PTA before import. Nano Technology Solutions can help you in this matter to get the PTA Type Approved Certificate.

There may be a situation that can occur, where all your devices are imported successfully, given that your devices are already PTA Type Approved and PTA-COC to technical standards is also issued. All your imported devices are cleared at the time of shipment but when you start using it some of your devices are not working, they get blocked. When you verify the devices’ IMEI numbers from PTA website or via SMS to 8484, you get response that these devices are not registered by PTA.

This can be a very bad experience to face, especially if you are dealing with a serious business situation with these devices. Well there is a fair chance to cope up with this issue by simply contacting PTA and submit an application request to look into this matter. Actually there may be a case where your devices’ IMEIs are not whitelisted according to the process. So after submitting the application PTA shall look into it and whitelist the blocked devices making them operational again.

Importing the devices is one hectic job given its complexities; our team at Nano Technology Solutions is well trained and ever ready to cope up with such complexities providing our customers the quality work done as they require. We are there at each step to make the import process smooth and well derived. We always recommend our customers to involve us early so the above said approvals and certificates are acquired before-hand to avoid any problem in import process or even after import process.

To get your PTA-COC to Technical Standards, PTA Type Approval or for any other Approval queries contact us [email protected] and we shall get back to you within 12 hours.