Décor is a new language in itself! It is the way you want your house to speak. You can keep it simple and classic to make the house effortlessly organized. You can stick to the pop-colour themes and make an outstanding impression. You can opt for the stunning Italian theme and instantly upgrade the look of your establishment. And, you can choose the ordered chaos we call as quirky décor and make your homes trendy and unique.

Scroll down to find some unique and tasteful décor ideas for your home. Find them and follow for a house that speaks about the inner child and playful side you have!

Playful Prints

One of the best things about the quirky décor is that you can easily break free from the patterns. You don’t have to invest in the super-expensive covers and leather couches. You can choose the furnishings in delightful prints in warm tones such as Red, Mustard, Ochre, and Blue. The choice is yours. Also, you don’t have to stress over keeping all the furniture in a single colour. You can experiment as much as you want. It is the whole point!

Rustic Décor is in Vogue

Keep the overall décor in your home rustic and minimal. Wicker, cane, wood, unprocessed wood and other such materials are some options. If you have some time on your hands, you can raid your parents’ homes and dig up the old stuff sitting in the attic and give it a new life. Old toy horses, cane chairs land garden furniture – you can revive them all. And, if you are one busy soul that needs to get the things done, use Chumbak offers and buy the rustic essentials online.

Warm and Bright Colours

Do not tone down the colours in your home. For example, you don’t have to fuss over the different coloured cushion sitting over a chair. Opt for single sofas made of wood with red floral prints with warm yellow seat. It is just one example, and you can endlessly take your picks. Stop reading the age-old magazines on décor and browse through the online look-books that are flooding with inspirations.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants make your home a happy and lively place. You can find some excellent Zen Landscape Gardens; Garden in a Bottle; Bottle Vases and even exotic flowers for nice touches. All these things will impart a beautiful and quirky touch to your home.

Minimal Furnishings are the Best Ones

The Minimal Furnishings are comfortable to move and don’t hurt your budget. You can even opt for a lovely makeover after some time and give them a new look. From Couches to sofas with wooden legs; table with quirky wooden legs; stools with floral designs and rustic décor essentials – the list gets impressive! Turing Sofas are also getting very popular these days. To make your choice even more excellent, you can opt for a unique and different floral print or digital print sofa.

Choosing the Metals Must be Done Rightly!

Now, if you are a fan of metal décor essentials, you can go for them. But, take care to keep the quirky sentiments alive. Find the metal décor essentials in unique shapes and styles. Some of the best choices are:

  • Pot-shaped Brass Vases
  • Apothecary Tables (Likes or Inspirations)
  • Shiny Brass Tables in quirky shapes
  • Pots of different sizes arranged in a column
  • Dolls and Figurines in rustic metals
  • Tribal Rugs instead of regular ones!

For the floors, invest in some rustic rugs with tribal prints or motifs. Handcrafted items might come expensive. Hence, we advise keeping some Chumbak Coupons handy. Choose the rugs that give a completely fresh and down to earth vibe. Many rugs come in Madhubani themes with a blast of colours and delicate patterns. Wildlife theme, tribal theme, motif theme, and traditional dance form theme are some other beautiful options to choose from.

Let the Walls Speak!

Never ignore the walls while decorating your home. Don’t douse them in colours that you will not be able to change for many years. Choose quirky wall décor that you can replace anytime. Some examples are neo-classical art; tribal paintings; human portraits in rustic colours and a Potpourri of random things such as letters, plates, glass, and metal, etc.