Real estate internet leads. Are they as real as they are made to be? Real estate internet lead generation companies are as real as they can be despite being a part of the virtual world. These companies connect consumers with sales agents and the aim is to generate business by providing effective services from experts at low-costs. A win-win situation for everyone!

With newer and innovative ways of leveraging the power of the Internet to create exciting avenues for real estate marketing, lead generation companies are here to stay. That these companies get customer leads via a combination of internet advertising, and buying top placements in various search engines is now an open secret.

Despite being a rather new concept, lead generation is not typical to real estate. You will find the same channel and methodology being used from medical profession to banks and other industries. And let’s not forget that word-of-mouth referrals are already commonplace in the property business.

But you will be the best person to figure out if real estate internet leads are in sync with your own strategies to generate new prospects and convert them into sales. Different real estate agents have different opinions about online lead generation. While some believe that it’s the best thing to have happened in a long time, some other are opposed to this as they see it as acquiring of their hard-won real estate customers.

If you look at the real estate market, you will find that only 20% of real estate agents have been successful in the industry and 80% real estate agents have either given up on their dream or joined some other industry. This is because the 80% have not realized that a lead is a prospective client and hence should be treated like one.

Of course, having your own personal website is a great way to combat the misdeeds of these online lead generating companies. Many sell fake or outdated customer information which is useless to the real estate agent! For all those real estate agents who have out rightly rejected the online lead referrals, the critical issue is the quality of the leads.

So the moot point is screening. Not all who fill the lead forms are serious buyers. The challenge for any company is to sieve the chaff from the wheat. Though these agencies use filtering software’s and apply manual verifications, the truth is that only one out of 10 leads may actually prove to be a serious customer.


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