With more than 500 applications in 2018, we now have a perfect knowledge of so-called asbestos management, which is massively represented by so-called fibro plates or columns.

The mastery of the evacuation and the treatment of this type of waste knows from now on an optimized cycle which allows us to propose adapted tariffs near the private individuals and the professionals who contact us on this subject.

Fibro cement plates, what are we talking about?

Mainly produced by the Eternit Group, asbestos cement or fiber cement is composed of asbestos fibers bonded in cement. This material is found today regularly in corrugated metal sheets, pipes or columns (chimney and water) and in ornamental use (especially in the form of flower pots) and even if this product has been banned in France since 1996, many buildings still contain importantly.

The removal of fiber cement, how does it work?

Our recommendations are now well established and linked to a rich and diversified experience. We will not speak here (yet) of the unusual sites on which we have declined our interventions but more abductions respectful of the rules of the profession and dedicated personnel.

Rule 1: Asbestos (fiber cement) must be dismantled, allowing our intervention. That is to say, it must be stored in a dry place (indeed, in contact with water, the plates or tiles in fibro-cement can decompose, it is not uncommon to find fibers of asbestos in tap water).

This place must be accessible to our stakeholders and present no risk for any necessary manipulations.

Rule 2: depending on the nature of the asbestos, its shape, its quantity, and geographical location, we will pool all of our stakeholders to stall together:

  1. The necessary administrative issue, prior to the collection of fiber cement
  2. The choice of transport partners
  3. The choice of specialized outlets (the “special” asbestos waste dump)
  4. The necessary and legally required containers that range from simple “asbestos” rubbish bags to the dedicated 15 m3 bucket.

Rule 3: Rubbish Removal Kings with our partners, after having agreed on the day (an hour) of intervention are presented to take all the asbestos waste and package them in suitable bags, including the acronym “a” for asbestos and ask them sealed once the bag or bag is considered complete.

Rule 4: Once perfectly collected, conditioned, the intervention on the fiber cement ends by transporting the whole within the specialized dump which was previously contacted because there again, an appointment of control is obligatory.

Prices and prices to evacuate its fiber cement plates

In the jungle of asbestos and fiber cement, all the prices come together that, according to our experience, go from simple to a hundredfold.

A famous TV report broadcast in January 2019 showed that some providers manage to “get along” with the client while others, at the opposite extreme, threaten the worst risks, thus prefiguring a quasi-indecent price.

Our pricing policy is composed of the following elements:

Administrative follow-up of the file: All the asbestos operations are framed in a very strict way within particular the emission and the follow-up of the waste by a document which one names BSDA.

Packaging: depending on the weight and volume of your fiber cement, we will necessarily adopt the container (s) in accordance with the rules of the profession (a simple garbage bag is not enough!)

Paratransit: Transport rules are specific to what you are transporting. A fruit and vegetable carrier is not allowed to transport for example 500 liters of alcohol! It is the same with regard to waste and as an indication, any rubbish removal professional, asbestos or not, beyond 500 kg must be declared in Prefecture.

Processing: of course, knowing that we only work with suitable professional waste, they all have a specific fee schedule knowing that we have largely evolved down because of volumes we manage!

In short, with a little organization and methodology, we now master this subject … like many others, also thanks to the strong involvement of all our partners who, like us, wish to make our territory just cleaner.