Tourists love Rajasthan mainly because of its three features: grandiose structures, finger-licking food, and warm hospitality! Well, today we are going to talk about the thing without which any trip is incomplete. Yes, you guessed it right, its food!

The local delicacies of Rajasthan are delicious enough to make you forget about every dish you ever savored before! There are a plethora of restaurants in Rajasthan that serve these famous local dishes, but we are only going to talk about the top-most among them.

  1. Choki Dhani, Jaipur:

Choki Dhani is a popular village theme resort in Jaipur that presents the real essence of Rajasthani culture and traditions. Here, you can enjoy many folk performances and local activities along with scrumptious local cuisine.

The preparation of food, serving it and the dress code of chefs, each and everything is done is a truly local style here. The taste is so awesome that you won’t be able to stop after eating one plate of these Ghee-based delicacies!

  1. Krishna Dal Baati Restaurant, Udaipur:

Dal Baati Churma is a very famous Rajasthani dish that you must relish on while staying in Rajasthan. If you want to try only the vegetarian delicacies of Rajasthan, that too at affordable prices, then visit Krishna Dal Baati restaurant in Udaipur.

You can get a wholesome Rajasthani meal that includes Dal Bati Churma, Harte ki Sabzi, pickles, sweets, and buttermilk here. The menu is short yet; this is the best place to try local food in Udaipur!

  1. Trio Restaurant, Jaisalmer:

The Trio is a fine dining restaurant in the golden city of Jaisalmer that offers truly royal ambiance to the visitors. This restaurant is entertaining and serving the tourists for a long time, and they know exactly how to impress you!

Of course, the authentic Rajasthani food is their specialty, and you must give a try to dishes like Dal Tadka and Chane ka Achar here.  You can also enjoy the vistas of old bazaar while savoring your food here.

  1. Gypsy Restaurant, Jodhpur:

If you are going to the city of Jodhpur, then you should surely visit Gypsy Restaurant. This restaurant is famous for the grand Rajasthani thali that contains 29 dishes. Sounds royal!

Tourists, as well as locals, come here to enjoy this king size meal along with other popular dishes of Rajasthan.

The best part is that all of the dishes are prepared using desi ghee! The staffs are very friendly, and they serve this special thali only after evening so; plan your visit accordingly.

  1. Ambrosia Restaurant, Ajmer:

Ambrosia is a good option to treat your hunger in Ajmer. This is a rooftop restaurant at the ambassador hotel that serves amazing local food and offers beautiful city views. You can choose your seat from three different seating arrangements: an indoor dining space, a garden with live counters and desert camp style cabanas.

Savor dishes like Grilled food, Kebabs, Bhutte ki Sabzi, Smoked Chaach and Tanatan Chat for a fine dining experience here!