Does seeing your soiled retractable awning upset you? Instead of fussing, take the initiative to clean it and make it look like new again. Remember, your supplemental roof isn’t capable of cleaning itself.

Your filthy outdoor awning might reflect your personality in a low-key way. For sure, you wouldn’t also want to gain a negative impression from your friends, relatives, neighbors and even passers-by.

So to keep your image and your awning always pristine, try practicing a few cleaning habits.

What Are Window Awnings for?

Awning Cleaning & Care Tips

Don’t know how to get started? Read on to find out a few not-so-kept cleaning secrets for your retractable awning.

Basic Care

Since awnings our placed outside, they’re exposed to harsh weather elements. And constant exposure to wind, rain or snow can limit their use.

To ensure that your patio awning lasts for a lifetime, retract it as much as possible. What’s the use of its collapsible design if you will not pull it when needed? Keep in mind that it can’t withstand inclement weather.

Retracting your roof system prevents from causing damage to the fabric, motors and arms. It also eliminates the instance of a mould and mildew build-up.

Regular Cleaning

There’s no such thing as maintenance-free equipment. All things invented require regular maintenance including your much-loved retractable awning.

But how often is regular cleaning? In most environments, you should clean your awning once a month. Brush off all loose dirt using a broom, hose off the framework and wipe it with a soft cloth and rinse the fabric with cold water monthly.

When hosing it down, make sure that the motor doesn’t get wet. It’s also ideal to air-dry the awning before retracting and trimming surrounding shrubs to prevent fabric damage.

Yearly Clean-up

Oftentimes, monthly or regular cleaning isn’t enough to keep your awning neat and sleek. This routine is often a quick task so there’s a need for some deep cleaning.

Deeper cleaning must be done once a year or every two years. Among the thorough clean-up jobs that you must do are awning hardware lubrication to maintain quiet operation and checking of fasteners to ensure they’re tightly secured.

For the cleaning part, it’s recommended to use a soft brush and a mild natural soap mixed with lukewarm water. Then, rinse it thoroughly and leave your awning unrolled until completely dry.

Other Maintenance Tips

Maintenance and cleaning should go hand in hand. Match your cleaning routines with maintenance activities to keep your awnings and covers happy.

Here are a few ways to ensure your outdoor patio awning remains functional and in good condition:

  • Trim vines and shrubbery to keep them away from the awning.
  • Retract the awning if the wind is 20 miles per hour or more.
  • Lubricate moving parts once a year with a spray lubricant.
  • Remove any debris from the awning, roof and gutters.
  • Check if the fabric falls at the top of the roller tube.
  • Inspect if there are signs of rust in your awning.

Give Your Awning Some TLC

With proper care and maintenance, your retractable awning will last for many years. So give your home’s supplementary roof some tender loving care to enjoy relaxing on your decks and patios for decades.