Acetophenone is an organic compound with C6H5C(O)CH3 formula. Acetophenone is the simplest form of sweet-smelling ketone. It is obtained by different methods such as reaction of ethyl benzene with oxygen and others. It is identified in vehicle exhaust and combustion of fuel & coal. It is a thick colorless liquid at temperatures higher than room temperature & a solid at lower temperatures. It naturally occurs in cauliflower, apple, apricot, banana, cheese, and beef.  It is highly soluble in water. It is also soluble in glycerol, ether, alcohol, fatty oils and chloroform. It is used as an intermediate for plastic, pharmaceutical, and resin production. It is a fragrance & flavor additive in tobacco, nonalcoholic beverages, and some foods. Some of the essential properties include colorless, optimum viscosity, and pungent fragrance etc.

According to study, “World Acetophenone Market Research Report 2024(Covering USA, Europe, China, Japan, SEA and India)” the key companies operating in the world acetophenone market are Eni, Solvay, INEOS Phenol, A.B. Enterprises, Alpha Aesar, Novapex, Haicheng Liqi Carbon Co., Ltd., RUTGERS Group, SI Group, CellMark USA LLC, Zhongliang, Mitsui Chemicals, Shenze Xinze Chemical, Triveni Interchem, Jiangsu Yalong Chemical, Tanfac, Xing Li Gong Mao, Rhodia, Yingyang, Haiwang Fine Chemical, Liaoning Yingfa. The key companies are competing among themselves by offering better products and acceptable services to the clients and expand significantly at the global level.

Based on product type, acetophenone market is segmented into oxidation of cumene and oxidation of ethylbenzene. Additionally, based on appliation market is segmented into laboratory reagent, fragrance, chewing gums, resins and pharmaceutical. Fragrance production widely include extraction from jasmine, strawberry, cherry, almond, and honey to resemble the respective aroma which is used in creams, soaps, lotions, and detergents to enhance scents. Resins are broadly used in adhesives, inks, and coatings. In addition, pharmaceutical applications include pyrrobutamine, dextropropoxyphene, trihexyphenidyl, pridinol, cycrimine, biperiden, procyclidine, benmoxin, mesuximide, and acifra.

The acetophenone market is driven by increase in product consumption in organic synthesis & polymerization of olefins, followed by huge investment in research & development (R&D), growth in demand for textile coating & flavoring agents, rise in technological advancement in production process, increase in catalyst uses in polymerization process, rapid industrialization along with increase in manufacturing facilities & capacity expansions, rise in disposable income and increase in urbanization. However, transient eye injury and increase in side effects for instance skin irritation may impact the market.

Based on geography, India and China holds major share in acetophenone market owing to increase in demand for high end & luxury products because of surge in disposable income and living standard. Europe and USA are expected to witness higher growth due to increase in presence of key fragrance & perfume manufacturers, increase in consumption in cigarettes & tobacco or chewing gums and expansion in the cosmetic industry over the forecast period. The market size is predictable to register a notable growth in the forecast period on account of rise in consumption in perfume & fragrance production.

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