Rules are meant to break! Some are meant to follow, as well. When it comes to freelancers, rules do help them to carry on with their tasks. If you are working as a freelancer, then you must know what the top rules that you must follow to make your life easier.

Here Are the Rules of Freelancing that one Must Follow:

Fix Your Hours of Work

When you are working as a freelancer, that too at home, people take you for granted and can literally ask you to do anything for them except leaving all your other work aside. Thus, it is better to fix your proper time for work. A fixed schedule will make your work life organized and stable.

It will be easier for the client to reach you in your daily hours and you too will be relaxed while at work. Proper work hours will also give a hint to your family not to disturb you while you are working since the rest of the time you will spend with them.

Be an Early Riser

Accept or not, but freelancers who wake up early are able to finish their work on time. If you get up late, you will certainly start your work very late, and this may cost you your family time in the evenings and nights. Moreover, long hours of work may exhaust you up at night. As a result, you may get up late and follow the same daily routine.

However, if you turn an early riser, you will feel fresh and be able to put your creative mind more into use as compared to while working late at night. Most importantly, your family life will not be ignored because of tight deadlines. Having worked enough till the day, you will get plenty of time to spend with family in the second half.

Do not Settle for Less

You may come across this line posted on social media these days, which says, “Do not settle for less.” You must take inspiration from this. If the client that hires you pays you less than you deserve, do say ‘no’ to him or try negotiating. Freelancing consumes much time, and often you have to meet short deadlines with files only piling up with every passing day.

Although you may not incur transportation costs, yet you are the bread earner for yourself. Thus, never settle less and try speaking to the client or help yourself by negotiating. If you are not at all good in the art of negotiations, take the help of the internet or magazines. Rather, call up a pal who is good at and learn certain tips from him.

Always Maintain the Quality of Your Work

Working as a freelancer is not an easy job. You have to face tough competition in the market. There are hundreds of people out in the industry who are part of the freelancing industry and are really good at their services. Thus, it is important to maintain the quality of your services. Never compromise on quality.

The more your work is top-notch, the more clients will prefer working with you. Good clients always spread the word about their excellent workforce. Not only this, a portfolio if congenial right ups or digital marketing or anything else looks good on your resume. This will be an added advantage for your new clients offering heavy fees.

Be Visible on Social Media

As a freelancer, you must be a social media freak. You need to make your presence felt and have a good network of experienced freelancers as well as clients. You can also advertise your work to attract new clients. Moreover, sharing your work on social media can create your own unique identity. You get to share your ideas and also learn from other people. Thus, you need to be an active social media person.

If you stick to these rules listed above, your life will be sorted as a freelancer. You can create a balance between your work life and family life as well as make your life organized.