People often say, my heart skip a beat when I saw that movie scene, when my mobile rings as I was expecting someone’s message, or when my wallet was missed. But you know when my heart skips a beat? When I saw my newly bought smartphone’s LCD screen got cracked.

Yes, I could literally imagine my all money falling nowhere inside my mind, and all I had to either go for mobile phone LCD replacement or lose it forever.. But God bless that video logger whose DIY video saved my life.

How? I successfully saved my mobile phone LCD screen… don’t worry, I am going to discuss those tips with you all so you won’t have to witness that nightmare as I did. Scroll down, and learn a complete guide.

 Instruction & List of items for Saving Mobile Phone LCD Screen

First, you need to understand that the following steps can take a lot of practice to get the hang of, and that you could damage your screen beyond repair. Let me tell you that this method is not applicable to Samsung mobiles, for the glue they use.

 Following is the list of items you’ll need;

  • Block of dry ice from your local grocery store (Avoid gel pack)
  • Remove the cracked glass smartphone screen from your phone
  • Gloves for using dry ice
  • A set of replacement glass for later use (make sure it belongs to your model only)
  • Paper card or similar object to help snoop glass off

StepsPlace Screen on Dry Ice

Take one dry ice, and keep it on a safe surface. Now take your cracked phone screen and place it glass-side down on the dry ice. Let it placed over dry ice for 10 minutes, you can also press light on the back to ensure every inch of screen is getting touched with dry ice

And, it’s also must to cool the screen prior to heading towards the next step\

Wiggle Glass off the LCD

Once the screen get frosted, pick it up carefully. Shake the glass until you’re ready to break some portion of it off. Now, the glass will be about as delicate as an eggshell. Once more, be amazingly cautious so you don’t end up harming the LCD screen underneath.

Use Paper Card to Loose Stuck Pieces

After getting done with a piece of the screen off, now you will need a flexible (yet not too flimsy) tool to pry off more of the glass. Slide the card gently under the glass so that you can remove pieces in the middle that are still a little stuck.

Use Your Hands to Get the Rest Off

Here, you can use your fingers to pick off the tinier bits that are still present there

Add Your Replacement Glass

There will, in any case, be stick buildup on the LCD screen, yet other than that it ought to be flawlessly practical. You’ll have to wipe off the LCD and paste the substitution glass (once more, scan for your model) onto it, at that point reattach that get together to the telephone, however then it ought to be all-around great.