The Different Styles of Schwinn Exercise Bikes

 Schwinn exercise bikes offer a safe and comfortable way to keep in shape and improve your health. Schwinn exercise bikes come in various styles you can choose from. How many times have you resolved to get in better shape but couldn’t find the time to go to the gym? Then there is the excuse of the weather being too bad to go walking. Maybe you can’t afford a gym membership. If any of the above sounds like you Schwinn exercise bikes could be your answer. No matter what type of bike you are in the market for Schwinn has the right exercise equipment just for you and your home gym. and with this bike, You can do a workout from your home and if you don’t know which exercise you have to do then watch fitness and health programs on TV or Projectfreetv and get the proper knowledge about the exercise.



If you like bike riding outdoors then a Schwinn upright exercise bike may be what you would enjoy. This type of fitness equipment works like a regular outside bicycle. It requires the use of your upper body muscles for balance. These core muscles are important to keep strong. These support the spine and provide stability. This helps you with good posture as well. The strong trunk also helps to walk and move with balance. And like any muscles, the stronger they are the better they do their job.


Schwinn upright bikes are a good choice for any age range – from kid to the elderly. The active young person or serious athlete may want to give the Schwinn 140 upright exercise bike a try. It offers the rider several levels of resistance to choose from. It comes programmed with eighteen routines to try. If you are looking for a serious workout on an upright exercise bike, this one will give it to you. Another great upright from Schwinn is the Schwinn 120 and had twelve workouts programmed in and sixteen different resistance levels. If you are looking for a bike that will a good workout without all the extras then try the Schwinn Active Series 10 and it comes already set with eleven different programs.


If you like the heady duty bikes at the gym you will love the Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. It provides you with a fantastic cardiovascular workout with having to pay gym fees. Backed by Schwinn’s reputation this is a bike that can handle anything you can give it. it has lots of perks including an adjustable tension knob, two places to place your water bottle and a frame that resists corrosion. Well worth the money for the serious indoor cycler.


A recumbent bike is an excellent choice for anyone with back troubles. It allows you to exercise in a reclining position, taking the strain off your back. Schwinn offers six different types of recumbent bikes including Schwinn 231. A major consumer magazine ranked the Schwinn 231 number one in its class. It comes preloaded with a variety of workout routines and is very easy to use. A favorite among indoor exercise bikes purchasers.


The Airdyne Schwinn Exercise Bikes not only offers you a good exercise workout but is extremely quiet. On this bike, the resistance is decided by you. You control how hard you pedal which chooses the resistance. You choose either upper and lower body workout programs or just a workout for the upper body.