Do you struggle to close the deal? Well! It is not uncommon for sales representative to struggle to close the deal because of not prospecting much, not making required cold calls, not spending the time on best leads and other reasons but if you want to get ahead of your competitors then you must learn the art of selling more in less time and by being productive you will be able to efficient.

Here Alain Templeman is going to tell some pointers which can help you increase productivity.

Prospecting Is Very Important

The first and the foremost thing is to have enough leads in your book of business because your chances of closing more deals will depend on the leads. Spend the first one hour for prospecting by making more cold calls, Linkedin outreach and research, outbound e-mail, etc.

The bottom line is if you don’t prospect well, lead velocity will slow down. You’ll waste time on worse leads and will run out of the best leads you need.

Alain Templeman

Qualify Prospects Effectively

The most important part of the sales strategy is to qualify prospects effectively and not to fall for Zombie leads that never become customers.

Some type of lead scoring is crucial. The factors you might use include

The prospect belongs to which industry?

How big is the lead’s organization?

Whether the lead has made a contact request or not?

Treating Calls Like Face to Face Meetings

According to Alain Templeman, The best sales reps and managers take calls like face to face meetings”.

For increasing the productivity of the sales, it is very important to pay close attention to the details that the client might be sharing and keep a note of the same. Listen for intent and not for responding aimlessly. Develop good listening skills and people skills to make the client feel important because when we listen to someone close, the person on the other side of the line just can’t help liking us more and hence this will make the deal come to closure and we will be able to win clients for good.

Understand the profile of your ideal customer.

If you will focus more on the customers that are giving more revenues to the business will help using your time judiciously.

Alain Templeman

Automate your CRM

The efficiency of closing the deal will reduce considerably if you do not clean-up your CRM because the time wasted in manually inputting data or updating deals can be used somewhere else.

Precise E-mails

Sending precise emails, having all the information needed will help you make your point clearly.

Alain Templeman

Encourage Referrals

Referrals or the promotion of brand by making your current customers referring it to their friends and family members is a good way of shooting up the sales


Selling is a skill and so is selling more in less time. The Sales and Marketing can be increased by the right techniques like listening properly over the calls, Automating CRM, encouraging referrals, prospecting properly and understanding the profile of an ideal customer.