When Roku Streaming Stick work with TV?

The Streaming stick will work for all TV with the HDMI cable connection. HDMI cable connects to the TVs HDMI port.
When your Roku Streaming Stick will not properly connect to your TV HDMI port. Then buy a free HDMI extender cable.

Setting up steps for Roku Streaming Stick

Step 1 Get connected

  • Get connect the HDMI cable to The TVs HDMI port Then Insert the streaming Stick
  • Connect the USB cable to the power adapter or your Roku TV.
  • Now connect the streaming stick with the TV we offer free HDMI extender cable for my.roku.com/HDMI
  • Now on you TV remote look at the label by input button or source for something similar to target the same input you used for the working streaming stick

Step 2 Powers Up Streaming stick

  • Now power up your Roku streaming stick first insert the batteries to the remote always use the fresh batteries
  • Look for flashing printing light
  • Next, connect the one end of HDMI cable to Roku streaming stick and another end connect to the TVs USB port
  • Then the AC adapter directly connects into a power plug on the wall.
  • After a few mint the logo of Roku show on your TV screen.
  • Then choose the language

Step 3 Connect to The Network

  • Select your wireless network and enter your password
  • Your streaming stick connect your network
  • After then display all three green sign, that’s mean your connection is successful.
  • Your streaming stick downloads the latest software so you have the latest feature and channels automatically.

Step 4 Activation You Roku Player

  • To link your Roku streaming stick Roku account.
  • Go to Roku.com/link and enter the Roku activation link code show on you TV
  • If you have a Roku account just sign in, but if you don’t have then create a new Roku.com/link account
  • After then choose your pin preferences
  • Enter your pin for payment information
  • Finely you can add your favorite channels
  • Now complete your Roku activation process and you are able to watch your favorite show on Your TV