Investing in epoxy concrete finish flooring will serve you in the long run. As they not only update the look of your floors, but they make it durable and increase the lifespan of the floor as well. Epoxy concrete finish is used in both commercial and residential buildings. They are mostly suitable for garages and basement floors. They are not cheap to get, but they have a lot of advantages that override the cost involved in getting an epoxy concrete finish.

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Advantages of Epoxy Concrete Finish

Here are the benefits of getting an epoxy coating:

#1. Protection: The epoxy concrete finish adds a protective layer to the floor of your home, especially garage or basement. This protective layer makes it resistant to spillage and chemicals. You can mop up any spills or chemicals off the ground without worrying about any ugly stains.

#2. Safety: Your home should be the safest place to keep yourself family members secure. The epoxy coating increases the safety factor of the floor of your home. Usually, a little spillage of water can make a floor extremely slippery, but when the floor receives epoxy concrete finish coating, it becomes resistant to slippage. You do not have to worry about slipping and breaking your hip. It is also resistant to temperature fluctuations and fire.

#3. Takes The Durability Factor A Notch Higher: For other types of flooring, you need periodic maintenance and repaints to keep the floor away from looking ugly and ruining the overall look of your interior. When you get an epoxy coating, it protects the floor for years to come, and they keep looking great even after 10 years of the coat!

#4. Increase Property Value: Getting an epoxy coating will help you get at better price in the competitive market when you put up your house on sale. Homeowners would prefer a home that has a durable flooring which does not need too much maintenance; it will up the price of your property at the market.

#5. Quick And Easy Installation Process: Getting epoxy coating on the floor is easy. You do not need any extra cutting or special equipment to get it done. You can even do it by yourself or call for a professional.  You can buy an epoxy kit from a store and start coating the floor, yourself.

#6. Comes In A Variety Of Colors And Styles: Choose the color of your choice and paint away! You can create any pattern you want on the floor to make it look flecked or give it the look of a checkerboard.

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Disadvantages of Epoxy Concrete Finish

Epoxy coated flooring also has few disadvantages too.

Cost: One of the biggest disadvantages of getting an epoxy coating is the cost. Though the cost depends on the square feet and the color of the epoxy paint but still it is expensive than the other coatings. Other than this, there is also the cost of repairing the floor. Epoxy coating cannot be applied over concrete that has been scrapped or damaged somehow. It needs to be fixed and cleaned before applying epoxy paint.

Has to Be Applied Over A Dry and Clean Floor

The epoxy coating has to be applied over a clean floor and one that is dry and not wet. The problem of moist on the floors often arises when it is applied on the basement. Since the basement is usually damp and does not get enough air and sunlight, it is quite tricky to apply epoxy paint on the basement floors. If applied over wet or moist floors, the coating will not adhere to the floor properly and will cause it to come off.

You should also keep in mind the time needed to apply the layer. It is quite a time-consuming activity. But if you can handle these few disadvantages, nothing can give you a better result than the epoxy concrete coating.