In this informational age, having a strong data network is a key element for businesses of all sizes and ventures. A network connection gives work staff of the company access to the internet that is the most basic entity in the industry for work. Apart from these, the IT network also gives access to other tools like VoIP that provides an easy and secure platform to the employees to communicate and share all information as well with the clients as well when required.

The role of the IT network in small business

Well, it is important to realize the fact that no machines are 100% efficient, so the IT network set up in the office can malfunction at times. This will result in the temporary shutdown of the business operations that can cause major financial losses. Hence, it is important to set an effective IT network in the office smartly. Small businesses generally rely on a local business network or also known as a Home business network.

In this form of network, the entire equipment of the office or the building is connected with each other.  The decision of choosing the IT network for the small business is crucial and will have a great implication in the coming years. So, if you are a start-up and about to install the IT network in your new office, then you need to take every step carefully. To help you, we have prepared a list of useful things that you need to consider when setting a business network. So, let us get started.

Analyze what your Business exactly need

There is certainly no single IT solution that can be used for all business. Thus, you need to first analyze your business completely before you start building your network and start purchasing various hardware and cabling required for the process. Here are the basic things that you need to consider:

1- Number of devices that you are planning to interconnect

2- Determining the size and the layout of your network

3- Deciding what kind of apps and files can be shared among the employees

4- Determining the level of access to the network

5- Addressing the security concerns

As you are a start-up, it is important for you to know that purchasing all the equipment can cost you significant money. So, it is necessary that you have saved with you and if you feel like you lack certain funds, then you can seek financial assistance. There are direct lenders who specialize in loans in Ireland for unemployed people.

Wired or Wireless, Which one to choose?

Due to the convenience, most of the businesses prefer wireless networking so that they can perform their tasks easily without any inconvenience. Also, employees can access the internet easily wherever they are in the office building and connect their smartphones and tablets. However, there is one downside of wireless connection, i.e. that it makes the system prone to attacks. One can breach the server and can take all the useful information that will be useful to the hacker.

This is the reason why most of the companies prefer to go with wired networks. They get to enjoy faster internet and you easily be able to download large documents and files easily. And, it is quite hard to hack a wired network system. So, you will have to decide which one to go to that suits your requirements.

Basic IT network components that will need

1- Server: the first thing that you will need is a server, which will be actually a computer in the office that will be storing all the files and data being stored in the office.

2- Cables: Next, you will need various types of cables whether you go wired or wireless both. Because in the wireless, the main source will be connected to the entire network via cables.

3- Fiber optic: Use of data fibers will help in the fast transmits of the data in the form of a light beam. This can be expensive, so you can go with copper if you lack the budget.

4- Routers: Another major thing that you will have to get will be routers that are used to link multiple networks together to provide a shared connection. Routers are also important as they connect the devices to the network.

Wrapping up, these were the major things that you must consider when setting the IT network in your business. Also, while continuing the setting process, if you are out of funds, then you can apply for quick loans that you can get the same day in Ireland.