Your entire energy will be solely focused on how attractive, intriguing and informative can you construct your exhibition stand. There are myriads of things that the delegates and the customers look into an exhibition stand.

It is quite a tough call to take in an exhibition hall that is full of people who are competing with their effective exhibition stands UK and the possible solution here would be the lighting.

While you are looking for an exhibition package you will not find lighting to be enlisted here. The price that you pay here is literally for a square of carpet that is there is a larger room with two or three walls for partition and this mainly depends on the location of your exhibition stand.

You need to be in an organized shape with the lighting here today. You need to well check into the instructions of your next exhibition with the inclusion of spotlight and extension cables as they need to undergo the PAT test carrying out the label that is suitable with the signature and date while this is a carried out and this is true with the lighting solution.

When it comes to exhibitions, lighting is probably the last thing on your mind. But it shouldn’t be, as lighting up your stand can have a huge impact in a large room filled with similar displays.

Lighting options can also be a little confusing, so it’s a good idea to get it organized well in advance.

Here’s a simple guide to the choices available to you as the pop-up stands look even better when illuminated.

Spotlights and Floodlights

While you are looking for ways to light your bespoke exhibition stands, the use of spot or floodlight is the easiest of all.

You need to pick out some of the features as the spotlights are usually designed to be something that is subtle. They do not block off the view as this means that this is something there on your backdrop here as they are relatively compact in nature.

Floodlights are the best when you are in need of a larger illumination. The floodlights help in lighting up bigger and larger spaces with bright illuminations.

You can also choose the floodlight if you are in need of some larger illumination. The larger area that is there illuminates much larger space while lighting up the larger surface area for you.

For a larger illumination, you can try out LED Pop up Display Stand Floodlight. Rather than directing a small spot, this light has a larger surface area and will light up an entire stand system. As it has an LED bulb, it gives off the lighting of a 200W halogen bulb while only using 20W power consumption.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) or Halogen

The other decision that you need to take here is in opting for the LED lighting of your halogen as this is the best mobile lighting solution for your stand.

LED forms the more eco-friendly and sustainable option and people, as well as businesses, are going head over heels on them. LEDs fail to create heat while you are working confined spaces so this is the other reason why they form the best choice for many.

When you are searching for a more environmental and a much sustainable option then there are people and businesses together who are going head over heels with the LED lighting solution. You have a small space to work on in an exhibition stand and LEDs do not create that heat which could simply suffocate you. This is the reason why the LEDs are the most favored option for exhibition stand companies UK.

The LEDs are not dimmed with the use of less amount of energy. When it comes to the luminosity you will come across the bright-white LEDs that can punch it in.

As the LEDs have longer life expectancies they are the most favored option. They usually tend to last longer than that of the regular halogen bulbs.

Rope lighting

The rope lights are usually the under-utilized form of lighting here and they are used mainly for several reasons, and they are:

  • They protect them from the accidental damage being smaller sized LED bulbs encased in plastic tubing.
  • Fire hazards can be well avoided with the help of this lighting system.
  • They can also form an effective uplighting system as well as downlighting with the luminosity of the rope lights that are high.

Also, make sure you have an electrical point!

You have to understand the reason behind lighting up your stand and the safety that is to be taken in concern while you consider the type of lighting to use in your exhibition stand while you are planning to attend the next event or trade show.