Looking up for ways to make more money? Maybe you are a student who wants to earn some extra pocket-money? Or maybe you are an employee casually looking out for simple ways to make money online without investment or say a minimal one? Come on, let’s accept everyone wants to make more money to fulfill our unending dreams!

The quickest way to earn extra money effortlessly yet efficiently is by refuging “To make money online.” You absolutely don’t have to give specific hours of your day to earn through the online medium. In fact, most online money-making ways hardly require any effort. You can do that directly from home at your fingertips!

Furthermore, there is no need for prior investment to make money online. And want to know what’s more? It’s totally free to start earning online! Everything you need to get started is your smartphone or a computer, which almost anyone can afford these days. And boom! You’re all set to make extra dollars! All the trending techniques to make quick money are discussed below.

Most people search for how to earn from blogging, how to earn from YouTube videos, etc. But, I question, why should you even look at such time-consuming options when you could be offered much more effortless alternatives!

Curious about these alternatives? Keep reading to learn the easy ways to earn money online!

Like, Comment, Subscribe!

Most of us enjoy watching YouTube videos and subscribing to our favorite channels. But what if I told you that someone out there is actually willing to pay you to like and comment on their videos? Isn’t that the most perfect way to earn and have fun at the same time?! These tasks are very easy to accomplish. They can be completed at any leisure time! It is a great way to get started with earning quick money. Sites like Rapid Workers and missions in the Frapp internship app for students have many of these activities.

To add up, this work only requires absolutely no effort except for having an active YouTube account. In fact, you can complete multiple tasks at the same time and earn every time. Some employers pay $0.40 for a like while others offer to pay as high as $3 per like and comment! Plus, you will be paid as soon as your work is reviewed via a screenshot or a proof! You don’t need any additional skill nor any extra effort to accomplish such a quick task! Therefore, grab these opportunities and make quick money!

Write a book!

Are you good at the art of written expression? Do you have great writing skills? Then what are you waiting for! Let your skill start earning for you! All you need to do is, to put down your wild imagination and fantasy into a beautiful story to earn money online. Craft a story that you would have loved to read as a reader and see the magic. But the books are not only about stories, right? After all, they are known for the wisdom they impart. Try sharing your best talent, hacks and skills. Passionate readers eagerly wait for ripe wisdom coming from original artists.

As a matter of fact, sites like Amazon Kindle and Wattpad are great online platforms for writers and amateurs. They serve as the best ways to earn money online in this tech-world! The recent in-chapter ads in Wattpad books have got a source of income for writers. Benefit all of these great deals! Writers are now earning as high as $2000 per month. Don’t wait, just get started!

Answer Surveys!

Various surveys are usually seen popping up while surfing the net or as part of ads. However, did you know that your personal opinion is valued a great deal by many poll and survey sites? It’s cent percent true that sites such as i-Say, Valued Opinions, Survey Junkie, etc., pay individuals for answering their surveys! This has become one of the most popular ways to earn income passively and to earn money online.

Nowadays, a lot of research companies are recruiting individuals to answer their polls. It takes least of your efforts and you earn some bucks in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes! Plus, it’s contributing to the research study of researchers! Thus, we help and we earn. You can make anywhere between $1 to $20. However, it depends on the length of the survey filled and the type of questions asked.


To end with, these are the three simplest ways to make money online. They are absolutely effortless and don’t need much requirements. Furthermore, you can complete these tasks anytime you’re unhurriedly scrolling through your phone.

This was it for the simplest of ways to make money online without much investment! Do visit the website DailyJunkies for more such productive articles!