A student planner is an organizational tool that helps students to plan their daily activities. All parents want their children to be organized with their everyday work, but the reality is far from that. With so many home assignments and projects to manage, students often find it difficult to keep track of all the deadlines and thus fail to submit their work on time.

In such cases, a student planner is a life saver for them. It keeps them on track and lets them concentrate better on their work. It also enables them to be more systematic with their everyday activities and thus makes them more organized. To put it simply, a student planner is a perfect solution to all of your child’s organizational woes.

So, let us know more about the benefits of a student planner.

1. It helps students in organizing their work 

Organizational skill is not a quality that every student is born with. It takes a great deal of effort from him/her to be organized. An academic planner gives them the much-needed aid to get more organized, with no extra stress at all. One can jot down all the assignments for each subject in the planner. Also, it has a calendar where one can mark all the important dates for tests and deadlines. There are times when a child doesn’t remember the to-do things said by his/her school teacher. However, writing it down in the academic planner ensures that he/she doesn’t forget or miss anything. Teachers should also make sure that they review the student planners before students exit the class, so that they don’t miss any necessary information.

2. Goals can be set and achieved easily

To achieve something in life, one must have certain goals. A student also needs to have some goals on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. With the planner, what he or she can do is to write down all those goals as well as all the to-do lists in there. Once a goal is accomplished, they can cross it out and keep on working on the other goals. Accomplishing all their goals can bring children more joy than they can imagine and it also inspires them to work even harder.

3. Students learn how to prioritize their work

A school planner has all the assignments and to-do lists arranged in a systematic manner. So, a student exactly knows which assignment was given when and what the deadline is for that assignment. It helps students to prioritize their work as one can easily decide which assignment to do first and which one to keep for later. In that way, they learn to prioritize their projects effectively and also finish their work on time.

4. It develops a sense of responsibility in them

With a school planner, students have all the freedom to plan and organize their work according to their needs and requirements. They also know that they need to submit all of their work within a stipulated time. This develops a sense of responsibility in them as they learn more about organizational skills, commitment and discipline. It thus prepares them for the future as they understand the value of doing their work in a timely manner.

5.  Better communication between parents and teachers

There was a time when communication between parents and teachers was limited to Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) and a call or appointment once in a while. With a school planner, communication between them becomes more frequent as well as easy and seamless. What they can do is to have a separate area in the planner for parent-teacher communication, where teachers can write about the performance of the student as well as other vital information. Parents can also ask their queries through this section. It can be a day-to-day arrangement as well where after checking a particular assignment, the teacher can give some remarks which would be useful for both students as well as their parents. Parents can also initiate communication sometimes if they have something specific to ask about their child. This would ensure that both teachers, as well as parents, are aware of the needs and requirements of a particular student and hence, would work accordingly from there.

6. It makes students more productive

A planner facilitates more productivity in children as they learn to complete all their work within a definite period of time. There is no room for forgetting or missing any assignment. Thus, they learn to be a lot more efficient and disciplined as far as their work is concerned. Writing down things indeed makes sure that they are done and they are done on time as well.


A student planner makes a student’s academic life much easier and comfortable. It gives them that required help to be productive as well as efficient with their work. It also inculcates in them a number of good qualities such as responsibility, discipline, the value of time, which stay with them all of their lives and continue to benefit them always!