Starting a Business is Super Easy (2019) – Yes its true, Now a days even kids can start their own business. I am thinking to teach my pets also, start doing business Its very easy. But trust me that’s not where the business really begins. The journey of Entrepreneurship starts when you try to build and grow with the business. Its extremely difficult to make it successful. The most hardest things you’ll ever do in your life is trying make your business work. Its very stressful, difficult and uphill unpredictable battle. Road-bumps at any turn and anytime. Each and everything will get in your way be prepared. 8/10 businesses fail in the first couple of years and only 3% lasts longer than 5 years.

We all see most of the businesses fails due to Entrepreneur/be your own boss trend happening all over social media. Due to this people underestimate what is truly involved to be successful in business. People should realise we live in a world there are lot of dreamers. Everyone believes of becoming rich, millionaire and of-course billionaire. These hype makes the dreamers get into their own business.

With the surge of starting their own businesses in last couple of years, even many “fake gurus” online have been boasting about starting a business and how easy it is. Social media is also flooded with people showing off the easy businesses. As a result there are tons of people starting businesses lately. But never realise their are somethings they don’t tell you exactly.

Working your own hours – Its a common saying and catch phrase. But the truth is people who want to be successful in business are working 70-80 hours a week minimum. You really don’t get to work your own hours. Until you find success and have a team who can take over your workload, you eat, sleep and breathe your business.

Having your own Financial Freedom – Its another catch phrase over the last couple of years. Its very hard and takes a while to earn money in business, in which most of it goes back into the business for growth. Truth is you can’t take money out right away. Everyone online is telling people you can make millions in business, but this isn’t true. It may take months or even years for most before they are able to take money. Again here the point is until you’re successful, when you have earned enough to take money out and reap the rewards.

No hard-work only smart work – This is one biggest lie I’ve ever heard. Working hard or smart is not enough. Whoever though it is smart to tell Entrepreneurs should be kicked off the internet for causing such damage to the Entrepreneurship world. If you really want to make it big in business world, you need both. After-all your competitors doing the same. Doing one is not enough, you need both to stay alive.

Being your own Boss – This is partially true for the solo-entrepreneurs with small business and keeping it small. However once your business grows where you have investors and staff, you’re really not your own boss anymore. It will be like working for your own company. Any mistake may costs other people their jobs, lives and money. When you have investors, they will be your boss. If their are staff you need to work hard to ensure your staff are employed. So you need all, but they don’t need you. They are your boss.

Its true starting a business is easy to say and anyone can do. Don’t believe that business gurus saying starting a business is easy, they just tell you easy part. No one tell you about the rest. What they don’t tell you reality is running and growing a business is hard. Its extremely hard to run and make it successful. For 99.99% of people, it’ll be impossible task ever done in their business/career life. The true fact is most people fail at it even second or third time also. Failing is good if your learning from it. Social media online and people always forget to mention this when teaching/coaching others on this. They just want to sell their product, so they leave this out to encourage everyone to buy their products that teaches them business. I hope people get aware that starting a business is not so easy as they think. BEST OF LUCK. FACEBOOK

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