Each Startup, there is always “standard” advice which is repeated all over the web without any real proof.

And then there is the truth.

Research and proven conclusions that are sometimes unconventional can hold key for better results.

Since we published our list of customer service statistics two years ago, there have been many new interesting statistics that show how the customer support scenario is changing and what you can do about it.

“Surprising figures for customer service that can help you better support.”

1) But one unhappy customer often means that there are many more

For every customer who complains, there are 26 customers who are not called.

Often, they leave them tightly.

This is the reason that the complainants are giving you an extraordinarily valuable gift: information about that many more customers are unhappy with the person who has chosen to tell you about it.

2) Satisfied customers are too much to tell their friends

On average, Satisfied customers tell 9 people about their experiences about the company, it means if you are providing better customer service then advertisement ratio would be low.

If you want referrals through Word of mouth and great online reviews, focus on appealing to your customers. As research suggests, the reward can be exponential.

3) Also, angry customers tend to gossip more than happiness

It is important to keep your customers happy – because happy customers tell their friends – this is equally important for rotating angry customers.


Because happy customers can tell nine friends, unhappy customers can tell on average sixteen.

customer support statistics (1)
customer support statistics

For every disturbing customer, this is the sixteen “anti-referrals” that you do not complete.

It’s a great price to pay for bad customer experience.

4) In fact, retention is the surest way to improve your bottom line

“Businesses that increase their customer retention rate by up to 5%, usually see profit increases from 25% to 95%.”

You should not just bother to keep your customers happy; It keeps your customers around for a long time and enhances customer lifetime value and profit.


5) Pleasing existing customers can help you find new customers

When it comes to sales, the possibility of selling a current happy customer is 14 times more likely to sell a new customer.

Many people think that the only way to increase your business is to find new customers. But often, the best source of development lies in front of you: existing customers You just have to make them happy, and then find ways to give them more value.

6) If you are known for good customer service, you can get more fees

“76% of customers will pay more for satisfying customer experience.”

With excellent customer service becoming more and more scarce, customers are willing to pay a premium for it. Distribute it to that desire, and your customers will be happy to pay higher prices.

7) Customers, in fact, will pay more for better service

The previous version of this list was cited for research, in which the customers had said that they would pay more for customer service.

Well, now we can actually come back with customer behavior.

Some business person uses CRM Software for making the good customer experience.

8) But if you do not help a lot, your customers will leave

82% of customers have left the company due to a poor customer service experience.

As great support is a magnet for high-value customers, bad support will back them back faster. Here’s how to take the first step to improve your customer service.

9) When you get screwed, do not forget to apologize

37% of customers are satisfied with service recovery when they are offered monetary value (e.g., refund or credit). But when the business adds forgiveness to the top of the compensation, the satisfaction goes up to 74%.

When you screw up, the customer is a clear part of solving the problem with a refund or credit. But often overlooked and even more important part is simply saying “I’m sorry”.

10) But there is a channel where speed is the most important

“32% of social media users who contact a brand expect a response within 30 minutes, and 42% expect feedback within 60 minutes.”

Customer expectations- On the expectations that the customers are happy, they change on the basis of the medium through which you are talking.

While speed cannot be the most important for email, phone, or in-person support in social media, but speed trump is for everyone.

11) Speaking on social media, keep your ears on the ground

“Failure to answer customer complaints and questions on social media can increase churning by 15%.”

When your customers turn to social media, a lot happens at stake. Make sure you are listening.

12) Speed ​​is not the most important thing in support 

In one study, the researchers measured how the customers felt after receiving service in the bank.

While the customers who realized that the bank has offered quick service, they are likely to engage more than six times, the customers who have the bank about “people” factors (such as Taylor’s etiquette and the desire to help) Have a high rating. His chance was nine times more likely to happen. Completely busy

For those businesses who want to win over the customer experience, the speed is not the ultimate goal. Has exceptional customer service.

13) In fact, sympathy is really important

Why do we talk so much about empathy? About being human in your customer support?

This is not just because it sounds good because it feels good.

The reason for this is that it matters

A few years ago, more than 9,000 consumers were asked in a Survey that what matters most for them while negotiating with companies.

More than 40% of them – twice the responses that responded to the second place – “Better Human Services”

14) To increase customer support productivity, do not forget to automate

The three-person customer support team can save up to 600 hours per year through automation.

In support, most of our time is spent in doing repetitive tasks, which clearly, we do not need to do it manually.

We can save a lot of time, save simple answers like simple answers, and create rules that filter incoming messages.

15) Inspire your customer service employees properly

“81 percent of the employees said that they are motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work.”

The above search came from a survey of more than 2,000 employees, who were asked what motivated them the most.

16) If you correct social media, you will be rewarded

The number of studies shows that when your company engage & respond to a customer on social media, on average you will increase by 20% to 40% customer trust, customer satisfaction will reach on peek of a mountain.

17) More and more customers want to chat live

Customers are already using more live chat. In fact, the growth rate is very crazy.

“From the last few years, the percentage of customers service using live chat has increased from 58% in 2014 to 91% in 2019, and it is still growing steadily. “


18) Consider starting a loyalty program

More than half of the customers will consider increasing the volume of business with a company for a loyalty reward, and 46% already have it.

It should be clear by now that loyalty means more than your bottom line.

In fact, praise was quoted more than twice as the second most common reaction.

But this is not just something that the employee says; Research also shows that people actually respond to praise as a powerful motivator.

This means that if you are doing business online, then you have many opportunities to provide great customer service.

“I hope you will use the above information and resources to take those opportunities; You will receive huge rewards from your customers, your team and your business.”