When you are going to construct an attractive swimming pool to a property to enhance the beauty then you need to know few important factors firstly. The two important things to remember are the Swimming pool pavers and tiles. These two aspects are a very integral part of the swimming pools’ interior and external area.

Facts and Advantages of Swimming Pool Pavers and Tiles

Pool pavers are available in different shapes and sizes though the common shape is rectangular, and it is largely used in outdoor swimming pools areas.

This kind of variety offers the aesthetic value and preferences to people. People can choose any kind of pavers that they wish to but need to make sure that they are slip-resistant. It is very easy to fall and get hurt in the swimming pool area and hence, the materials need to be very carefully chosen.

Stone, concrete and bricks are the most common type of materials used to make the pavers. Concrete pavers that are made of brick, have higher rate of customization because they are man-made. This allows them to be produced in different kinds of shapes and sizes. Another application of these pavers is that they can be used for landscaping the poolside area.

Pavers are available in different colours as well and the shades must be chosen according to the pool area. The different kinds of shades are tan, apricot, golden copper, rust, camel, sandstone, etc. Combining and mixing some of the coloured paves together can produce a completely different dynamic colour and make it different from any other pool paver design. Keeping the colour pallet of the swimming pool area into consideration is very important in order to choose the right colour shade and pattern.

Swimming Pool tiles is a very important part of the internal pool area and must be chosen very carefully. There are three very popular types of swimming pool tiles, Glass tile, stone tile and ceramic tile.

It is best to use ceramic tiles for the inner side of swimming pools in order to make it durable. It is one of the toughest materials and maintaining a ceramic tile is extremely easy. The even surface of the ceramic tiles makes it easier to maintain and can last for 75 years provided the right material and good installer is being chosen along with proper maintenance.

Apart from durability and ease in maintenance, ceramic tiles can reflect light which makes the appearance of the swimming pool glossy and attractive.

Important Factors to Remember About Pool Pavers and Tiles


  1. Concrete pavers need to be sealed properly and carefully. The pigment in concrete has a tendency to fade away because of the porous property of concrete. Excessive damage from sun exposure and water can ruin the colour of concrete pavers. The sealants are extremely important when colour pavers are used for the purpose of pool coping.
  2. Selection of Salt resistant pavers is very important because the durability of pavers can be affected by salt and should be avoided.
  3. Stabilization Treatment of pool paver is extremely important because the sands in the paver joints can be washed and enter into the pool and result in pump abrasion. Another concern is that without any stabilization treatment, harmful bacteria can start to be developed in the sand that is washed into the pool.


  1. Every tile has a different installation technique
  2. The manufacturer installation technique must be followed
  3. Choosing the correct tile according to preference and maintenance requirement is important.

Swimming pool pavers and tiles have their own advantages when these are being utilized properly. Choosing wrong Swimming pool pavers and tiles can result a catastrophe and cost even more at the time of renovation.