Today, skyscrapers just become the symbol of the man-made’s imagination of talking to the sky. These buildings are the result of human progression from the early days to the most modern urban lifestyle that consists of the concrete jungle. 

The basic reason behind the tallest buildings in the world is also can be observed by the human’s skyrocket imagination. Now, it can also be thought that these skyscrapers are just the need of the time for the continuously rising population of the world. 

In the 21st century, there is even a strong competition among the different places in the world for who holds the highest architecture in the world. In the following list, we shed light on the top 5 tallest buildings in the World.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is a building that continues to attract a lot of visitors for its unique specialty of the world’s tallest building. Really a crown in the Arabian jewel, Burj Khalifa is most admired by the visitors for its elevation height of 829.8m and a roof height of 828 m, which is counted as the tallest man-made structure in the world.

Burj Khalifa has a total of 163 floors with an amazing structure which also a connection of Dubai’s mass transit system. Completed in 2010, this stunning structure is worth seeing by a lot of height and elevation enthusiasts. Inside the structure, you can find the nightclub, the world’s highest restaurant, and an observation deck to see the most panoramic view of city lights. 

 2. Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower

A skyscraper in the land of Mao, Shanghai tower in the city of Shanghai, China, is the second tallest building in the world. Right in the heart of the city, the skyscraper has 126 floors with an altitude of 632 meters or 2073 feet. Amazingly, the building proudly holds the record of having the world’s highest observation deck. 

The structure is very attracting with its blissful round look into the skies, that is some sort of a unique specialty of the building. Not only the look of the building is commanding to the visitors but also its interiors are making a good impact. The tower also makes the most of its presence with hosting retail shops, restaurants, offices, and hotels. 

 3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower 

 Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Situated in the city of mecca in Saudi Arabia, The Makkah Royal Tower or we can say that the Royal tower of the middle east continues to impress the visitors. As a Centrepoint for the Muslims who just come here for their hajj devotion, the Makkah tower is placed for some important consideration. 

The Royal Makkah Tower makes its presence in the form of the third tallest building in the world with a height of 601 meters or 1972 feet, with 120 floors. At the top of the building, four colossal clock faces are placed making its look a worth from a distance. These clocks according to are the highest and at the same time holding a record of largest clocks in the world. 

 4. Ping An Finance Center

Ping An Finance Center Building

Another example of the Chinese presence in the competition of the tallest skyscrapers around the globe comes in the form of Ping An Finance Center in the city of Shenzhen. As the name of the structure concerns, the tower is like a strong economic pillar for the city’s financial activities and for the nation. 

With 599 meters in height, with 115 floors, this Corporate official structure has a specialty of stainless steel and glass that makes this building a treat to watch for any kind of visitor. 

 5. Lotte world tower

Lotte World Tower building in the city of Seoul is like a true ‘soul’ for South Korea. An exception of the Chinese dominance in Asia in the list of tallest skyscrapers, Lotte World Tower stands in our list at No. 5. The tower has a total height elevation of 555 meters or 1821 feet with 123 floors.

Lotte World Tower

Amazingly, Lotte tower seems like changing its width right from the base to the top to view like a triangle formation. The tower is specialized for providing a lot of services like retail, luxury hotel, apartment, office space, concert hall, and a charming rooftop cafe. The tower also draws the attractions of the visitors during the cultural shows with the magnificent view of its rooftop fireworks.