If you are looking for a profitable provider, move your business to another location or expand your network infrastructure, let ICS help you and do the work for you. Our relationship with Internet providers and various telecom operators allows us to offer you several options and negotiate for you.

ICS has one of the most diverse portfolios in the telecommunications industry, which includes local lines, long-distance communications, free service, data transfer, Internet T1, PRI, digital T1, cable Internet, DSL and managed services of operators and Internet providers. more reliable
Our industry experience allows us to offer our clients a source of impartial advice and guidance. We will also take advantage of our relationships to offer our customers the best prices from major operators.

We will provide you with offers depending on your needs and on which operator or Internet service provider meets your required needs.

ICS is a consulting company based in San Diego, California with over 16 years of experience in telecommunications and IT services. Our mission is to simplify telecommunications and managed services for companies, from companies working in one place to enterprises. We have relationships with AT&T, Cox Business, Spectrum Business, TelePacific, Level 3 and many others.

We offer our consulting services tailored to your interests and needs. Contact us for a free evaluation of your network services.

Our services

IT services
IT projects from creating virtual PBX systems to upgrading equipment. We can do it all.

Managed Services
We manage applications and managed integrated IT services.

The Internet
We represent more than 30 Internet providers, cable companies, telecommunications companies and MSP. Let us give you several different solutions from our suppliers.

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