In the past few days, people around the world were in awe of the shooting happening at Walmart supermarket in El Paso city in Texas, USA. Afternoon 3/8 (local time), a gunman stormed into Walmart supermarket in the city of El Paso, Texas, USA, and fired frantically at the people inside Texas’s governor, Greg Abbott, said 20 people had been killed, and more than two dozen more were injured. The death toll later rose to 21. Mexico’s president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said three Mexicans were among the dead and six were among the wounded. Abbott said it was “one of the deadliest days in Texas history”. Hours later, on Sunday morning, police said nine people had been killed in a separate mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. President Donald Trump condemned the shootings as cowardly acts and stressed that the United States needed to do more to prevent gun violence. Although the number of people killed by guns increased rapidly every year. The number of shootings in the United States is greater each year than any other country in the world because an assassination gun is killed every day on average. Never before has the United States had to cope with the risk of insecurity and the shooting has been happening as often as it is now and this is becoming more and more difficult to control. We can see that within 24 hours, the United States was shaken by two casualties and also marked a new milestone of 251 gun shootings in 216 days of 2019 to date. America is always known and considered a paradise of life. It is an ideal destination for people all over the world, but with what has been going on in America, it is clear that people have to ask, “Is America a paradise”? When does America solve the violence problem? When does the United States solve the ethnic conflict problem? When does the United States prevent gun control and prevent gunfire? are questions that the US is not easy to answer … Gun control in the US is a very difficult issue to control. Requiring the government to take immediate measures. During these days the people of Texas and Ohio prayed together for the victims in the shooting. Teeshirt21 sympathizes and prays for the victims in the US in the shootings and riots not only in the US but all over the world. Teeshirt21 hopes that special El Paso T-shirts will be a special encouragement for now.

1. El Paso Strong love T-shirt

Obviously, people’s right to use guns under US law has led to sad consequences. The horrific shooting just happened on August 13 is an alarm bell about gaps in gun control in the United States. Grief and regret are certainly not much to deal with, but the important thing is that the United States must overcome tragedy to calmly find out the cause, give a solution. This simple El Paso Strong Love T-shirt is an American flag with the words “El Paso Strong Love” as an encouragement to all El Paso, Texas people. Teeshirt hope that you will continue to be strong and overcome the pain to find solutions together.

2. El paso Strong heart T-shirt

This El Paso Strong T-shirt is designed exclusively for Texans and those who love this beautiful land. T-shirt with a simple geography of Texas. Along with the heart image and the words “El Paso Strong”. This will be the most beautiful T- shirt for you. We pray together for the victims in the last shootings. May all peace and blessings come to them and reach all Texas or the whole American people. White T-shirts will be great for these days.

3. Texas strong El paso- shooting August 2019 T-shirt

We pray together for the victims in the last shootings. May all peace and blessings come to them and reach all Texas or the whole American people. Black T-shirts will be perfect choice for you. This will also be a Texas Strong T-shirt for volunteer groups. These days in hospitals, blood donation centers in Texas are extremely crowded. Because they used to respond, gave blood to the injured. For them, those victims are like their own relatives.
Try to look on the bright side. Everything will turn out okay. Teeshirt21 strongly believe that everything will be go right. “ Texas strong, America strong” Source: Teeshirt21