Around the world, small and medium businesses own owners who use accounting software such as QuickBooks every day to carry out their financial tasks. There are many people who sometimes struggle to use this application due to issues such as QuickBooks error 15222.

Despite all your actions and ease, such an error may prevent you from completing your work on time, which can lead to difficulties. In this blog, we will discuss this particular problem, namely, error 15222, in detail — its causes and the best ways to get rid of this problem in your system, depending on the cause. If you want instant solutions to contact us on our QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number.

But what exactly is this error 15222? This is nothing but a common error that occurs during updating something in a QB application. You will know that this is this specific message because the code is displayed at the time of the event.

Why does QuickBooks 15222 make an error in Arise?

Reasons for this may range from a minor Internet connection problem to something more serious, such as program incompatibility. Here are some of the most frequent conditions that cause this-

  • QB uses Internet Explorer to register digital signatures, so it may possibly lead to this problem if it stops working.
  • If you have some anti-spyware or anti-malware that considers your QuickBooks software a potential risk and prevents its processes from running.
  • If your antivirus also works with an anti-malware, these two can collectively cause this error by interfering with the software’s processes.
  • If you do not set Internet Explorer as the default browser, then this may prevent you from performing this error correctly.

Main solution to fix QuickBooks error 15222

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We will focus here only on the 15222 error. Following are the best ways to get rid of it-

Solution 1: Fix this problem by installing a digital signature certificate

  1. Finish your QB application if you cannot see any of the tabs that say “Digital Signature”.
  2. Try looking at a file called QBW32.exe. You can find it in the QB folder located in the C drive under Program Files. After finding this file, right-click and open its properties.
  3. Select the Digital Signature tab and check whether “Intuit, Inc. If not, click Details and then view the certificate.
  4. Select that option, install the certificate, and then click Next, then finish, in the window that follows.
  5. Reboot your device and then open the QB application. If this does not work, installing the update may help.

Solution 2: For QuickBooks error 15222 arising from anti-malware, anti-virus, anti-spyware or anti-adware

The only thing to do in this case is to update these programs in order to allow the following exceptions:

  1. Domains-, along with
  2. Processes- exe

Solution 3: If you are not the default browser of Internet Explorer or otherwise causing problems

  1. Set it as the default browser and see if that changes anything.
  2. Confirm that your device’s date and time are precise. If not, then you can do so by these steps-
  • Double click the time on your desktop’s taskbar or the system tray.
  • Make changes if needed by going to the Date and Time settings.
  • Select your time zone and ensure the server you are connected to, if any, has the updated time and date as well.

3.If you have Internet Explorer 11, try to check the cipher strength of the website by opening the browser properties and checking the number with the words “bit encryption”.

  1. Ensure that your browser is updated- Click Internet Options under Tools and delete the temporary internet files.
  2. Go to the LAN settings in Connections and check if the Proxy servers are blank. If you don’t use any Proxy servers, just empty the list.
  3. Press on the Advanced button that is located a bit lower down the window and mark SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 in case they haven’t been marked already. Also, unpick the TLS 1.2 option at the same place.


In this blog, I tell you how to solve Quickbooks error 15222 in an easy way. I hope my information is useful for QuickBooks users. If you want more information about QuickBooks and our QuickBooks Support Service Call us.