It would not be a big stretch to claim that a basic weight set should be an essential part of any home gym. In its basic form, it comprises of a barbell and various weight plates. There are generally two types of weight sets, Olympic weight sets and generic weights.

Olympic sets are featured in every good gym and are the same configuration as those used in Olympic weight lifting events. Olympic weights are made to a rigid standard that comprises of a seven-foot barbell and collection of standard-weight plates that can weigh anywhere from between 2.5lb and 100lb (sometimes more). Olympic weight sets are widely regarded as being of higher quality than standard sets making them a smart choice for anyone looking for weights of superior quality.


Many free weight sets also come with dumbbells too. Dumbbells are smaller than barbells and are used to work one arm at a time and just just as easily be used with both arms alternatively. It is quite possible to add-on a set of dumbbells later after you have purchased the initial kit.

The basic free weight set can nicely complement a weight bench. A weight bench allows you to perform certain exercises that are impossible with free weights alone, for example leg extensions and bench presses. More advanced weight benches allow you to perform even more exercises with supporting attachments like squat rack, pectoral attachment and lat-pulldown lever.

When buying a weight for home use, plastic coated weight plates can be a good choice as these do not do as much damage to delicate floor areas when dropped suddenly.

While one of the best places to look for a good weight set is a local gym store, in these hard economic times when money is tight, you can often pick up a heavily reduced set second hand.

Online avenues are worth investigating too and some companies offer special deals on shipping. Browse Craigslist and eBay in your local area as a first point of call, although you might need to refine your search criteria to find sellers locally. Weights generally cost a lot of money to ship, so these cost must be taken into account when trying to save money.

Nearly all your basic weight training requirements can be met with basic weights. Buying weights for your home gym allows you to workout at your convenience and when you are short on time. It is the ideal solution when you have parental obligations or other commitments that restrict your time and movements. You will also save money on expensive gym fees which makes buying a basic weight set for your home both a time-efficient and cost-effective way to stay in great shape!